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  1. -rep because you literally have to respond to everyone’s -rep and you’re being a complete retard I do understand that you think you might have changed but from what I’ve seen in this appeal I don’t believe it one bit I have already told someone this before How about you be quiet and let your appeal be decided or you can stay banned for what you did along with bring toxic because let me tell you with your behavior you’ll get banned so fast for bring a toxic ass person -rep
  2. i almost just turned off my pc after reading that my guy here is a few tips i can give you 1 - redo your appeal, come clean and be honest because being honest can get you a long ways man 2 - stop cheating 3 - when you do your appeal, take time to make it do NOT do what you did. make an appeal in 2 minutes or less. the more time you take and more thought you put into it the more convinced people will be and it will also show that you are apologetic and that you care about what you did neutral (redo your appeal and then i will decide)
  3. +rep this mans is one smart rat and could def do something amazing
  4. Wow someone actually took their time and put all their effort into it. You are very apologetic and you actually care to be on this server +rep good appeal my guy
  5. We all appreciate the fact you want to pop a dead server and bring more people in and I’m sure you have good ideas for all of this and a plan but like other have said it will be very hard. You’ll need huge plans to make this happen. You need to show you can be different from all the other past mg ops and show you can keep a server alive and be able to pop it again. Be different and show. Like someone else said you can’t just tell people to get on you need to be able to make the server so much fun that they want to get on themselves also one thing I will say is in the time of me being back to sng I’ve noticed that you are a good guy and you help others but one thing I notice sometimes is you let things aggravate you a little too easily just loosen up a bit man other than that I think you’re a good guy I am not going to -rep I’m going to go ahead and give you the +rep and hope you take my feedback along with others to make sure you’re the right person for this role +rep because I believe you can do this gl man
  6. Zar

    Who am I

    Welcome aboard
  7. Instead of arguing with people how about you just wait until your appeal is decided you don’t have to make a comment every time someone gives feedback to your appeal because with the way your acting you’re not getting unbanned and second of all new players come all the time things just need tuning to the server and unbanning someone as annoying as you isn’t going to pop jb it’s going to make jb even more dead than it already is because everyone is going to be annoyed with you so to top it all off just stop talking and wait until your appeal is decided -rep even after a ban for running your mouth you still can’t stop arguing or talking
  8. Zar


    Congrats man
  9. what is up guppy man @Sixredfish is a nerd
  10. In the time that I’ve been here and talked to you it’s been fun and great I’m glad you’re still here and I hope to see you in the future as well @Warden Flamewater congrats on 3 years
  11. Woah woah woahhhh if both of you do not calm down I will grab both of you by the nostrils hang you upside down and beat you with a pool cue until all the candy comes out of both of you and then smack my black ass against both your faces fuckin nerds @Noodlesssss @redderfry

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