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  1. hbd homie, always glad to see you on the upside of things.

    was fun growing up on the internet with you, dont forget me or any of the dumb things we did back in slayers anytime soon!

    i hope you know i'll always support your talented ass, and i'm banking on you continuing to makeย bigger and better names for yourself.

    love ya man, stay safe

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. HBD mane

  4. team: vacyardigans captain: @jgamby STEAM_0:1:116162587 player 1: @ness STEAM_0:0:54843046 player 2: @Lemonade^ STEAM_0:0:66165168 player 3: @Tomato STEAM_0:1:118096183 player 4: Zempo STEAM_0:0:62533636 (my boy) sub: @george STEAM_0:1:193376655
  5. HBD


  6. Happy Birthday Brother

  7. happy birthday brother, have a good one my g

  8. TEAM NAME: club nobodies CAPTAIN - jgambyiwnl - STEAM_0:1:116162587 - yes PLAYER 2 - @Rage - STEAM_0:1:123973881 PLAYER 3 - @Yato / aleks - STEAM_0:0:5788474 PLAYER 4 - Rex - STEAM_0:0:58623746 PLAYER 5 - Zempo - STEAM_0:0:62533636 SUB PLAYER - @Alex - STEAM_0:1:90865866
  9. need for 1 more player to fill active roster spot dm me or add me on steam Steam Profile
  10. @Lex babygirl remember dave and busters? we had a talk about future giveaways over our meal ;)
  11. just had reconstructive acl surgery, so iโ€™ve been hella inactive recently. it still hurts to exist with this giant fucking brace so hopefully by next friday after iโ€™m settled in to my new dorm iโ€™ll be in better shape to play w/ all you homies again


    papa bless

    1. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      Awesome. Stay healthy and strong.

  12. homegirl finna get it oml??? thanks boo ??
  13. *Disclaimer: This shit happened but I'm a culprit of extremely dry sarcasm, so those w/ 0 common sense beware* I come to you all on a dark, thunderous evening at 8:50pm. Mug in hand, shizhu-poodle mix in lap, I bestow upon you a tale of two homies coming to see each other for the first time, rather than a monitor of colored pixels. The time is 6:04. I am F O U R minutes late. The faint beat of XO TOUR Llif3 succumbs to the whisper of white noise within the depths of my aux cord as I step out of my car. I told him I'd meet him inside, but another extremely Lex-looking fucker literally Fortnite drops in, 15 feet away, from an very oversized pickup for a very undersized man. Dude had to pull a Deadpool superhero landing just to exit his tonka truck of a car. Since he kinda looked like Lex, this proceeds to spawn a MCflURRY of anxiety as this shithead held my stare for a good fuckin minute dawg, I'm talking grand final of the staring olympics long. Is that hiM? Do I say HI? Do I wAIT? This bitch has letTUCE HAIR? So many questions left unanswered; until I literally took 2 steps inside Dave&Busters' and found the Alex I knew. Us, being the big ballers we are, decided to order the most gourmet items on the menu. Me, an intellect, chose none other than the double cheeseburger, oozing with culture. Lex, on the other hand, chose the "Bang Bang Chicken Thai with Noodles." Straight up school shooter food, no offense @Lex . In about 30 seconds, he realized his mistake. Soggy ass noodles sitting in ACTUAL doody water with cold fuckin carrot fries? Nah. Don't get me started on the "Bang Bang Chicken". Never in my life have I seen a man eat less food for the ~20$ he paid for. Homie literally nibbled on struggle pasta and nuggets with veggies. But just take Lex's regretful stare as evidence for my claims. Picture for reference (Alex btw): Shortly after, we embarked upon the gamer utopia that is the arcade half of Dave&Busters. I learned many things. For example, Connect-4 Basketball is a fuckin rigged game and should CTRL-ALT Deleted from the atmosphere. Also, Lex sucks at Yahtzee. And, i won a FAT 1000 tickets at the kung fu panda game, to which I had this exchange between me and small 9yr old: jgamby: YOOOOOOOOOOO kiddo: WOWO mom!!!! 1000 tickETS!!! jgamby: im the fucKIN BEST AT THIS SHIT pic of kiddo for reference: Following this altercation and a (slightly) rattled parent, me and homeboy got actually scammed by a mac10 rush B simulator, pic for reference: After all was said and done at these valve case sims, in which we didn't win shit (surprise), we went to cash out for some sicc Dave&Busters' merch. Lex insisted that he go all in on the laffy taffy and fun dip, as I grabbed a 5NAF snapback and an Ultra Ball, to gain a higher catch rate at catching those extra evasive hoes. We also stumbled upon the one board game that was a fraction of the price in comparison to others surrounding it, and for good reason. "The Game of Meme," literally suicide simulator. A board game in which you take turns making memes and voting on them, cards against humanity-like. But x999999999999999 worse. I'm quite certain Mark Zuckerberg forged this piece of 12yr old clickbait from the depths of the Forge of Sauron, destined to torture humanities very existence. Just look at the depression, seeping out from Lex's very retinas. This game should be in the hands of the Center for Disease Control, not this poor soul. Pics for reference: Anyhow, all memes aside, this post shall stand as the sole reminder that not all people on the internet are vv sp00ky harmful aliens who want your soul, and especially in this community, there are some pretty stand-up homies like my boy @Lex . TL;DR jgamby and lex had a playdate at dave and busters
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