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  1. I honestly didn't expect them to release this. (especially given the CS20 case was released on October 18, 2019, which is exactly 1 month ago from today) But the $15 price tag on the premium pass is double what previous operations costed. The models should make it worth it in the end, and I definitely like the idea of weekly challenges.
  2. What a comeback, good to hear from you again
  3. Happy birthday, sorry I forgot to mention you back on November 4th :(

  4. whatever you did... I don't even know because well I'm not really on the servers
  5. you did. You did your role very well. Good luck out there man.
  6. An update on this bug report @ Diam0ndz: Terminal was fixed with Version F2. Cabin will be fixed in a major map rework coming after the Holidays (assuming real life goes well for me). Some people really want an expansion to that map, and that may take more time, just about the same as Chemical Plant 2.
  7. I don't think people really reported that area unlike the roof, that was the main focus of the hotfix was where Bork said, which I figured out pretty easily. Also I didn't really want to call it f1_fix cause that map name already is long enough. So I just went with f2 for consistency sake. EDIT 1: I never used those carves, that was Princess who did those carves, all I did was make glass unbreakable (func_breakable strength = 0) and changed an INVISIBLE texture in the lobby area to PLAYERCLIP is all I did with F2. EDIT 2: Version f1-1 has been released as an alternative due to more bug fixes. Some extra edits were made by @Extacy and I tested it, and it looks good. @redderfry (November 16, 2019 12:47AM PST) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uXDDNqo3Dn1WW6oaW-jjSz5ztYOsRumw
  8. TTT Splash V2-1 (ttt_splash_v2-1) Map Size: 106 MB Patch Notes: Fixed a second out of bounds exploit. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NCLRU7Ael6Xb1ob-cdITuAYY745HpYKX TTT Princess Terminal F1-1 (ttt_princess_terminal_f1-1) Map Size: 36.7 MB Patch Notes: Glass is no longer breakable on the roof. Fixed an unintended spot on the map. Recomplied map with my lighting settings. Download Link: See latest post. No Pictures provided on either map as these are maps already on the server. Special Thanks: @redderfry @Bork Bork Doggo NOTE: I know I made a dumb, irrelevant post on Cabin, but I'll do a big update for that map. That won't be coming until after the holidays (at the earliest). I'm predicting Chemical Plant 2 will be released in Early 2020 instead.
  9. Map fixes aren't easy sometimes, and I've been trying to split my time into all sorts of things, including prepping the Dragonfire Campaign, Chapter 2.

    The Survival Anniversary post did reveal Holidays/Early 2020 for TTT Chemical Plant 2, as that map is built from scratch. 

    I'd need to divert my time - especially once I get a job - wisely...

  10. While I'm still on my server break and due to the obscure real life I've been experiencing, please vote above if I should look into the Cabin map out of bounds glitch. I'm aware Splash V2 has problems, and I'm right now testing Terminal for some small changes. So, tell me above if I should take a little bit of my time to look into TTT Cabin.
  11. 1) I wish to be honest, it's a plugin but according to devs it kept crashing the server previously 2) Not sure if prop_static or prop_physics_multiplayer 3) Only works on CT side as that's how the gun was created in CS:GO 4) Where's the event team? 5) At least you haven't gotten it 68 times in a row (that happened once)
  12. That is supposed to be fixed in v2. I'm not sure if redder uploaded it, I still have the raw map file
  13. Cabin should have been removed cause of this I'm pretty sure as for Terminal as long as admins are on it's technically slayable. If I could get my build working for that map I can playerclip it off but I want to know what @redderfry thinks before I do hotfixes for maps that aren't mine
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