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  1. Thanks for your support, enjoy the VIP perms :)
  2. Welcome to the forums @Pue If you need anything, let a staff member know!
  3. Please explain to me why I would lie. I never lie about things officially related to SNG.
  4. strong -rep overly toxic and you made the threat directly towards everyone because you were mad that night on JB also your history is extremely toxic, I feel you need more time. How do we know you won't do this again?
  5. Nice post count.

    Don't get possessed by the devil.

  6. Match 1: @The Golden Medic's team - 0 Mexican's team - 2 The Mexicans advance to round 2.
  7. Please add me on steam or accept my friend request
  8. oof, do you have a substitute player available? UPDATE: Also, Twin has abandoned his team and their name is now known as xX_Fortnite_masters_Xx instead of Twinplayz team.
  9. I'm pretty sure you can but you'll have a disadvantage
  10. hawaii is -2 hours from Pacific, so 10:00AM hawaii time sorry
  11. Totally agree with you redder. CS:GO for some reason only displays 2 or 3 names in voice chat on the bottom at a time. Repeat talkers or those who are calling KOSes will definitely cause people to forget there is a live check or KOS The rule technically only affects those who haven't checked the amended rule (hence why, see above redder, I now say "must type in chat")
  12. Good luck to everyone who is participating in the AWP tourney.

    You might find me doing one of the matches, so we'll see. Until then... as what Nefarius would say (in WoW):

    "Let the games begin!"

  13. Matches start at 2:00PM CST, which is converted to the following on July 19th, 2019. Matches tend to be watched by a Event Team representative or someone else (not sure) Pacific - 12:00PM Mountain - 1:00PM Central - 2:00PM Eastern - 3:00PM UTC/European - 8:00PM I hope your teams are ready, because today is when this tournament starts. Good luck everyone!
  14. Yes, I'm aware that people say it over voice, but not everyone is used to the new rule. This also does explain that when I call one, I always say "must type in chat". It should be more directly stated, and also, if there is say... less people on the server, then maybe this rule shouldn't be implemented, only for when there are like 16+.
  15. I disagree. When you have a lot of people talking over each other, it too, is hard for people to tell if they are alive. This also was the reason why george suggested it
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