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  1. November 15th, 2020 Update:

    • This update was only made possible in light of recent events in the SNG Discord.
    • Frostwater's 2020-2021 season will appear on November 30th, 2020.

    Map Development Update:

    • Both Icebark City Museum & Icebark Minigolf Park now slated for 2021.
    • I am taking the rest of the year off for holiday purposes from mapping.
    • All work will resume after January 6th, 2021 passes. I also am using this time in the Shadowlands, as well.
  2. I have decided to close my application.

    The map "Icebark City Museum" will still be produced. I will take many months to figure out what I've done wrong and right. Time is of the essence to making the freshest start of the new year.


  3. @tie does have a good point. If this isn't the right approach, then maybe separating myself, despite my twin emotional forms will show off. I do not mind staying what I am. I did what I can do in this community. This was just a stepping stone to being an event team member, again.
  4. Player Name Warden Flamewater/Frostwater Steam ID STEAM_0:1:22901075 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/flamewarden77/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 28 Admin Recommendations Klitch, Extacy, Jako, colinkr, and many other admins who waited for this day. Why would you be a good admin? I know this last week hasn't been beneficial to this community with my attitude. But now that I'm more empowered after recent events, I feel this is now the time to reshape my future. I was the former "Server Admin of the Year" in 2017, and "Best Council Member" of 2018. There is no awards ceremony in 2019. This application is not a joke either. After taking almost 15 months away from Skynet Gaming (being stripped since June 2019 due to Jailbreak), I'm starting to feel that this is my rebirth that I once want. I'm tired of MLG taking advantage of me. By doing this, I don't get the respect I deserve, I know I rightfully earned permanent VIP status, but it's up to you to take all the time in the world to show that if I'm wrong, then maybe this isn't the community for me. Klitch & the rest of the staff team can definitely vouch for me. I know I have my days, but I will not take calladmin like I used to, let alone, always visit a server. I will only visit a server responsibly. I really am doing this to take one step closer to my ultimate goal in 2021, and since it is a requirement to hold it for at least 3 months, I think it'll be a rightful goal. I will NOT be giving out any future admin recommendations, do not ask me for this, should this be accepted. If you people need to take this into 2021, please do so. I am not expediting this application in any way. I just want to show that this is the right move for me. 2021 would probably be better, and I'm far more ignorant than 2018. It's disturbing I left the Discord last night too, but I'm putting that behind me. Is this the time for this to happen? I've designed at least 6 maps, previously hosted events, and done so much for Skynet Gaming. Primary Server Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) Secondary Servers Multigames (MG), KZ-Climb (KZ) Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  5. November 8th, 2020 Update:

    • I'm sure most of you know this but Alex Trebek passed away this morning. (rest in peace)...
    • Icebark City Museum may still be released in December 2020.
    • I am now taking a zero tolerance policy on people annoying the hell out of me in Discord. I am sick and tired of this bullshit.
  6. November 7th, 2020 Update:

    • Will I make tonight's server population event? Maybe, maybe not... 6PM PST is always tough to make for me.
    • Map update: Icebark City Museum - doing well, resizing photos is pretty challenging to make sure they fit the palette I provided. A developer update should be out between November 10-14.
    • Map announcement: New: Icebark Trivia Halls - Replaces JB East Icebark (for now). It is a MG map where 1 team goes into the halls, while the other team watches them. If they fail to escape the maze in time, the other team gets to shoot them from above. I'm planning on using scripts used in AWP Submarine (MG) to make this look interesting. This map will not be developed until closer to Flamewater's 2021 season.
    • As tradition follows: Frostwater 2020 starts on December 1st (may start on November 30th), 2020. Avatar, name and everything else changes on this day.
  7. The hall of fame is now closed! Keep your eyes on the forums for developer updates for the upcoming Icebark City Museum map, a faithful remake of Slayer's Museum Classic back in 2016. I may allow people to submit custom photos instead of mine, I'll reveal otherwise in the Skynet Gaming Discord. Thank you for participating in this challenge.
  8. November 4th, 2020 Update:

    Today's status update is a big one!

    • You all are legends in my heart. I've beaten cancer for 5 years now, officially today!
    • I did announce in my post that I will be reapplying before the end of this year for Server Admin!
    • I'll be going for Event Team in Q2 2021 (March-June 2021) assuming there is an opening, with a new intention compared to the 2018 version of me.
    • Icebark Museum now has an estimated release - targeting for December 2020 at the latest, but really depends on how tough custom modeling and texturing will be this month.
    • I will be not home between November 19th - 22nd, and will return on November 23rd, 2020, which is the day of Shadowlands being released in World of Warcraft.
    • Hall of Fame entries are closed. The remaining 16 spots will be photos that I've accomplished in my gaming career, some of my best moments, that is. Or something else, but I cannot say what I want to put in those image slots in the Hall of Fame room.
  9. I don't usually remove people off lists, whether or not they get banned or not to be honest
  10. As I woke up at 8:40AM PST on November 4th, 2020, I knew today was going to be a big deal. No, not because of <REDACTED> but because today, after last year's survival post, that this is, to be, my day of being happy. Today is my 5th year I have survived my surgery. This one is a huge milestone. Link to last year's post: Everyone on this list still applies with a few additions to this list this year: New additions: Mythic Legendary: @Mythin and @Noodlesssss Legendary: @tie and @ Extacy (Edit: Also @Toelu) (moved to Legendary from Epic in 2019: @ Hachi and @chicken007) Epic: @Flowey and @Box 🎃 Normal: @W1LL, @Oceanman and @Awaffle. (Edit: Forgot about you @Evdog ♛, sorry bud!) If I forgot you, I'll remember to add you to the list, but if I don't I'm sorry in advance! Map Releases: Icebark City Museum - I'm targeting December 2020 at the latest, I'll be finishing up the RPG Pack room fully and post a dev picture there either late tonight or tomorrow. Icebark Minigolf Park - January 2021 will be the target when I'll reveal a fully-fledged dev thread, but I cannot guarantee it since this is still my first time making a KZ map. East Icebark City (JB Map) may make a return in 2021 as well, but the way I see it right now, Jailbreak is dead at the moment and putting effort on that map wouldn't make any sense spending a lot of my limited time I have to develop a map for a server that doesn't get as many people as back in 2017. What's My Future Plan? I get a ton of requests to do this, but they want me to reapply as a Server Admin. I know I haven't visited servers much lately (especially after I just came from being API scammed), but I'll definitely reapply before the end of this year. Sometime in Q2 2021 (March-June 2021) I may attempt to join @ Klitch again as an Event Team member but with a completely different intention then when I was back in 2018. Closing Being here for 3 years in Skynet Gaming (which actually now is the longest amount of time I've been in any gaming community, counting dead communities and whatnot) is amazing. @ Diam0ndz definitely now has what it takes to take this community to the next chapter, and for as long as I live (and have internet connection), I will also try to be here to contribute my part to being a part of this awesome community. If it wasn't for you people I have got to met, then I have nothing more to say. Most of you are awesome, and I truly am blessed to be here still. Of course, some of you aren't, but I expect that, and I'm somewhat more ignorant than before. Thank you for reading. - Warden Flamewater (Frostwater on December 1st, 2020)
  11. This giveaway is closed, I received a message at around 8:55AM PST this morning. Congratulations Potential Spam, I will need your input on claiming your stuff as soon as possible.
  12. The winner is @Potential Spam. You have until 4:35PM PST November 4th, 2020 to claim your prize, otherwise it will be rerolled. Duck was disqualified from the roll because he is server banned and the opening post says otherwise.
  13. I really wanted to give it a shot the one time it was featured in the weekly event, but I was so horrible that it demotivated my like for that game. I didn't think Among Us was a lot harder to get attached to then TTT...
  14. Happy birthday. Take it nice and easy now, on this special day of yours.

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