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  1. Ok... here is the weekly report from 9/11/19 - 9/18/19:


    • I realize that lately I've been tense and moody. This is due to a combination of two things: a combination of real life and financial strains. Just remember that these past weeks have not been favorable and I'm hoping something favorable can come before November 4th, 2019.

    Dragonfire Challenge List:


    • Stage 4-3 - Team Fortress 2: Complete Tour #28 of MVM: Two Cities. Completed on September 17th, 2019 but got nothing good out of that. (lol)
    • Stage 12-1 - Tower Unite: Earn enough Minigolf Gameworld EXP to earn the Gold Ball Upgrade. Completed on September 16th, 2019.
    • Stage 15-2 - Killing Floor 2: Reach 1st Prestige, Level 25 as SWAT. This took ages, I don't even know why I thought this is not Legendary status at all. Completed also on September 16th, 2019.
    • Stage 21-2 - Tower Unite: Earned any King (Ballrace) or Master (Minigolf) achievement not previously earned. Did this on Forest Minigolf map on September 15th, 2019. 

    In Progress:

    • Stage 5-3: Saints Row: The Third - This is nearing completion, but still pretty difficult. Last I tried doing this, it said I was like 92% done. Also reworked this challenge too.
    • Legendary Challenge Stage 26-2: Tower Unite - After pushing multiple achievements (159/165) I still am not quite at the 1 million unit threshold. As of the end of this week I did reach 550K (550,000).


    • Stage 5-3: No longer requires all DLC missions (one in particular is taking me forever) and changed Stage 5-3, 14-1 (Saints Row IV), and 4-2 (Gat out of Hell) to require 100% completion instead. 
    • Stage 12-2: Tower Unite - Reworked from requiring achievements earned from the start of the challenge to 170 total, then lowered that to 165.
    • Stage 14-3: Dungeon Defenders - Now added a Warcraft 3: Reforged challenge if it is released as an option and I haven't finished that stage by then.
    • Stage 15-1: Left 4 Dead 2 - Now requires all main campaigns from L4D1 and L4D2 since these probably are faster then other challenges.
    • Stage 20-2: PAYDAY 2 - Lowered required level needed from 50 to 30 to avoid excess grinding like Killing Floor 2, otherwise that  too, also can be treated like a Legendary Challenge.
    • Stage 27-1: Modern Warfare (2019) - According to rumors floating around, there is a rumor there is no prestige system. If that holds true, I'll edit that challenge to fit the length of a Legendary Challenge, but I do not know as of now.
    • Wildcards are now available. 2 are available to use. Use these on any challenge excluding Legendary challenges and any of the Cook, Serve Delicious 1 & 2 challenges to mark them as completed instantly and increase the chance of the Dragonfire.

    Current Chance at the Dragonfire: 24.64%

    If the Dragonfire is not won, a smaller value prize will be given instead after the Awards Ceremony.

    Next Weekly update on September 25th, 2019.

  2. This is supposedly fixed but @ Diam0ndzfor this Do you know by any means how much you lost? That might help him and the other staff members out
  3. tbh why drag this out as if this is like a csgo major lol
  4. This is epic, well done @ Diam0ndz Not much more I can say but heck you done amazing.
  5. Getting closer to 2,000 posts but I'm obviously reserving that for something.

    Next Status Update on September 18 with my usual Challenge list sheet update.

    Also sorry to @FeelsBαdMαɴand @Chikenfor being overly retarded in discord this morning.

  6. borderlands 3, but if you aren't avid on the EGS, wait till Steam in 6 months.
  7. Weekly Update: September 4 - 11, 2019.

    Only 1 challenge was completed this week. I was trying to split my time evenly to try and knock out some of the tougher ones (see below):


    • Stage 9-4: Loot 1 of 3 required Skyshards from massacring Mogu forces in BFA. - I'll be honest, this took me almost 600 kills and nearly 4 hours just to do.

    Working in Progress:

    • Stage 5-3: Complete 100% rating on Saints Row: The Third. Some activities are just really difficult, especially on Hardcore difficulty. Last I reported I was at 84% completed with the game, and I still have more to do.
    • Stage 15-2: Reach SWAT Level 25, 1st Prestige in Killing Floor 2. The developers of that game made Suicidal difficulty way harder to solo then before, so it's definitely going to take a longer grind to complete this, and I'm only Level 22 as of this weekly update.
    • Stage 18-3: Complete solo Condition Zero content on Medium and Hard difficulties. As of this post, I've been stuck on the Militia mission on Hard. That mission is actually extremely challenging and I've already failed that mission probably 10 or so times? You know, you can't compare CS:CZ bot difficulties to say, CS:GO bot difficulties - those two are way different.
    • Legendary Challenge Stage 20-3: Time Warpers - I've been stuck on Stage 5,300 for at least 4 runs. This can prove to be extremely difficult, as Stage 6,000 is the target.
    • Legendary Challenge Stage 26-2: In Tower Unite, I have to bank 1,000,000 units (not in inventory value) at a single time. Other challenges can help with this one, but I'm working on that too, lol.

    Big Announcement:

    • Recently I changed the structure so that if I don't complete all 77 in time, there is a chance that I'll still give away the Dragonfire. How it works now is that each Normal challenge (non highlighted in orange or listed as Legendary) is worth 1.12% chance, while a Legendary challenge (10 total) is worth 2.50% chance. On the day of the Awards Ceremony at 3:00PM PST (because Daylight Savings will be done by then) I'll calculate the total chance and that'll determine if I'll give it away.
    • This does make it so I don't have to stress and still gives a chance at a potentially valuable skin that I could have done in Summer Showdown back in August, until the day I got demoted. With the re-announcements I have made, this can be awesome to accomplish as I'm taking my server break until, of course, January 1st, 2020.

    I am aware this is a long status update, but I do not want to make a forum thread about this. These updates are supposed to be put on my profile on a weekly basis. Maybe I can put my November 4th stuff all-in-one thread. I think you will love that day...

  8. From my experience on TTT: Logic is defined as "you were witnessing or engaging in a player's death, hence you are a traitor and are KOS'ed". Logic can only be judged by: A detective scanning at least two bodies and you are the killer, hence the Detective can call KOS on you A detective scanning another Detectives body - that is automatically KOS regardless of person A detective scanning an innocent body killed with a T item, like env_explosion (C4/Missile, etc.) An innocent witnessing someone killing another player or a detective A traitor calling false KOSes often (it's pretty obvious if you'd call KOSes, especially if a person is proven) A person does not shoot a KOS'ed traitor, and that is labelled as "association" Using a T secret (e.g. Princesscraft Flamethrower), pressing a T Button (e.g. Princesscraft Flood the Tunnels) or entering a T Room (this is not 100% proven, do not assume everyone that goes into a T room is traitor as innocents tend to go in them once opened, example would be Kirbycity B3) Not responding to a livecheck (you can call a livecheck with !livecheck at 2:00 left in a round) DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING: Relay information about alive Detectives, Innocents or Traitors to an alive player (this is known as ghosting and you can be banned for 1-2 weeks - admin discretion) Get to unintended locations through cheating or any form of exploiting (slayable) RDM - kill someone without proof - can result in karma loss + slays next round - admin discretion Mass RDM - kill everyone without a reason - can result in an unappealable 1 week karma auto ban OR if a senior+ sees it, a permanent ban... While you can say it is RDM, it isn't if any of the following scenarios apply to you above - this is from pure experience myself over GMOD TTT & CS:GO TTT (over 5+ years). Enjoy the server and please don't spam forums with gibberish, thanks!
  9. heck yeah, known klitcher for over a year now. +rep
  10. Progress update for Influential Challenge System: (range: 8/30/2019 - 09/04/2019)

    • Stage 12-3 (Earn Flamethrower item by getting EXP in Zombie Massacre, Tower Unite) is completed.
    • Stage 13-1 (Reach Level 20 in Classic WoW on NE Hunter) is completed. (Currently Level 28)
    • Stage 20-1 (Complete all 7 Berlin Coin challenges involving winning 10 rounds in a single match) is completed. (it was a horrible experience)
    • Stage 26-1 (Loot a rare drop mount in World of Warcraft: BFA) is completed. (Only literally did that one time while passing by that zone)

    Current total progress is 16 / 77 completed. Note that all 77 (includes the 10 Legendary challenges in the 77) must be done before 3rd Awards Ceremony to unlock the Grand Prize, the all-new StatTrak SSG 08 Dragonfire Minimal Wear.

    2FortSniper now unlocks after at least 24 are completed. (Influence is a key aspect you know)

    There are 10 Legendary challenges in orange fill that take exceptionally longer to do then others. Some are progressive, while others aren't. 

    The next update will be on September 11th. Updates will appear as status updates every Wednesday based on date completed. So anything cleared between the 4th to the 11th will appear on my next one.

  11. https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-library-redesign-date-preview/ oh boy, it's on it's way huh?
  12. I know that the Summer Showdown failed due to what happened on August 10th, 2019, and I do apologize for my rash behavior on this day. When August 17th came up, I thought to myself - if I'm to avoid the servers and continue my "break" as I promised from the servers, what better way to do it then make a list of 77 challenges and try to complete them all before the 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony? Now introducing the Influential Challenge System. Challenge List is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ybLyJSdjjefc_Ni4FgyEwOMQxR_zUKegk_wNfvkIcZw/edit?usp=sharing Status updates will be frequently used to report progress on particular challenges - follow me on forums for the most up to date, I'll post them probably every week until this ends. If I manage to complete as many as I can of the 77: This purely is on me to complete and no SNG members have to buy any of these games OR do the challenges. I'm sharing this because the grand prize is below. Remember my Dragonfire that I would have given away had the total point count hit 777,777 points? Well, take a look at this photo... If I manage to complete the entire list before the 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony, somebody who is NOT BLOCKED by me can have a chance at winning this: It's back... the StatTrak SSG 08 Dragonfire but IT IS A MINIMAL WEAR VERSION INSTEAD!! (worth $23 more then the original Field-Tested one) I know @ Character would love this. What do you all think? Do I have what it takes to beat my entire list before the Awards Ceremony? Keep your eyes open for November 4th. What happens on that day... could mean something awesome.
  13. This should have been posted on Wednesday but I slacked off due to World of Warcraft: Classic. Here are some photos of the place I went on Wednesday August 28th. This is GLO Minigolf. The balls actually glow in the dark when you play here. Price here? $12/person for 27 holes. Photos may be blurry due to the fact I was holding up a group behind me on the course (lol) Taken with my Iphone 8+. Had this be part of the Summer Showdown still, this would have been worth 20 points because I scored 20 holes under par in my 27 hole match. NOTE: In the future, all my posts will now be posted on a seasonal basis (every 2-3 months) instead of more frequently to show quality and dedication that I still care on the forums. I will not be applying for admin still, and I feel this will also inspire me to produce maps with influence. Late Summer / Early Fall 2019 Posts: Post 1 (THIS POST): Photoshare: Minigolfing Post 2 (Next): Influential Challenge System Post 1 (delayed) - AWP 2FortSniper (not joking) delayed due to real life + hardware issues, which do include forcing me to reinstall my entire Steam directory Next set of posts will be on November 4th, 2019.
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