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  1. Hey everyone in Skynet Gaming. It's Warden... you know - former Admin of the Year (2017 & 2018) and best Event Team member... I just wanted to say something: I'm still around despite the previous Discord attacks, I've been a lot more ignorant and disabled PM's in the Skynet Gaming Discord. I personally don't know who was behind it but all I'll say is if you were behind it, go get a life. I know I mentioned that I am stopping mapping for CS:GO - this is true, I'm still going to not be doing this if the servers aren't seeing activity. It makes no sense for me to spend hours
  2. I get that I haven't been creating threads, mapping or really being active much on SNG Discord but know that I'm still alive. (no, not the Portal song). 

    I just cannot find CS:GO as fun as it used to be. It's just not the same anymore.

    Maybe I might share an experience I had today, even if its April Fool's Day today, but I don't really like pulling pranks to get at people, it is not my style of motivation.

  3. Must be bad just to cheat in a community run tournament. Congrats to the winners!
  4. beautiful. I've forged my own path onward. I miss the good ol' days. Congrats Hellhound
  5. If anything, probably Wendy's/Carls Jr/Hardees (the last 2 are the same). I've always been a burger person, and doubt will ever change that.
  6. I would want to go to Tokyo, Japan. Not really because of the whole Olympics thing (sucks they lost billions on that) but because I've always wanted to see the city in person!
  7. Good luck on your future. Too bad I didn't finish my map work, it's just not the same as before, hence why I stopped development x.x :(
  8. One suggestion (if possible) is cap the number of rounds on a map that you can score points. I'm totally ok with either system, but just make sure you can find a way to avoid favoritism just to farm points. I know the one issue with "friend groups" is that they could potentially skirt the rules of freeruns and not activate just to ruin the purpose of a point system. If you can find a way to cap the number of rounds to score points or a way to prevent point farming, then either option is good to me!
  9. Nah dawg, you deserved it tie, I'm super happy for you bud. I'll keep myself in touch on the Discord.
  10. happy bday, you take care of yourself.

    and don't worry bout the well... stuff happening out there

  11. Seeing CS:GO fall apart, I can't really feel like wanting to map anymore, it feels wrong when nobody will get to see my attempted works.

    Sorry for anyone who wanted to see my projects... there is nothing I can do. Also I don't play Rust, I tried it and I just don't really like it.

  12. happy birthday? yeah? if yes, then happy birthday.

  13. Status Update for January 4th, 2021:

    • Wednesday I'll be back for mapping. I hope by the time I finish the final touches on Icebark City Museum we'll get some new life into TTT, right?
    • I'm so shocked I won a giveaway, I honestly didn't think I ever win those.
    • You may see me playing a ton of random games other than CS:GO between now and the end of the year - After logging almost 5,600 hours in CS:GO and the fact I'm now Silver doesn't help. Everyone knows age plays a big difference in CS:GO (and FPS games in general)...