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  1. Monthly Event info dump:

    • If any 3 SNG members joins the AFK Arena clan before August 30th, 2019 successfully, there will be a one-time reward of 50,000 Monthly Points for the Summer Showdown 2019, which actually is pretty big.
    • Keep in mind, on some rare challenges, there are base point increases (like increased game challenge or Skynet challenge points or multipliers)
    • Keep your eyes open for any surprise mini-events, like December's "12 Days of Christmas" may make a return...
  2. The fact he can do that death tier map and hold a temporary record shows he is great. Get those forum posts and you be ace. +rep
  3. -rep Earlier today on Clouds you were flaming me for being a bad warden and being in general toxic. You also kept text spamming as well, and abusing admin chat too by typing irrelevant content in the private admin chat to talk to them. @Rage
  4. Now out of all the things I've looked into, this was a start. How about AFK Arena? This mobile app has already tied me down in late nights and with its immersive story and playstyle, you'd be bound to join the quest huh? Itunes: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/afk-arena/id1375425432 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lilithgame.hgame.gp&hl=en_US Why is this post here? Well as you can see, after beating Stage 2-20, you get the ability to join Guilds, and well, I made a guild called the Skynet Warriors. ID: 284528 Guild Name: Skynet Warriors To join you have to beat Stage 2-20 (a game requirement for some reason) Requires verification to join. (Pretty self-explainatory - just provide your in-game name and you'll be invited.) Max 30 players total (including me, so 29 can join) Server I do not think matters for guilds, but I cannot really say otherwise, I'm on S191 as Warden. The Benefits: You'll be able to adventure with other Skynet Gaming players. You'll be able to use any of my mercenaries to complete Team Bounty Board missions, which are required to upgrade the board. You can get pretty easy loot which can help on blockades (as of this post I'm stuck on Stage 5-12, which is a difficult stage due to its reward) I do not require any progression or activity, but note that BONUS missions may appear during monthly challenges for VERY LARGE 1-time point increases (30k-50k+) that don't scale with multiplier challenges.
  5. The July stuff coming up is found on my signature...

    Are you afraid of what's to come or not?

  6. This can also appear under maps or anything else. This is prevalent with people typing /drules and selecting to be Detective this also may cause confusion too View full bug
  7. This can also appear under maps or anything else. This is prevalent with people typing /drules and selecting to be Detective this also may cause confusion too
  8. get that shit outta JB, probably kills the server more then jihad days or HNS days shockingly
  9. When Jailbreak BINGO makes a return, it will require a minimum of 10 players on server for any challenge of the 24 to count.

    The info will come, alongside the 2nd Year Anniversary non-official server launch in July 2019!

  10. Random tele is used a lot as of the current iteration of TTT. Personally that one is fine, but all the others should be removed yes.
  11. July - might do a previously announced event that never made it to the light of day - Jailbreak BINGO!

    September the JB monthly events will go into effect

  12. Literally better then me in KZ and very active. Strong +rep, good luck!
  13. I agree with @Zuric. I was thinking limit 2 per map and no overcomplicated names or similar namings. I do not agree banning it outright, it’s just like banning Simon Says days, Sing days, Joke days, I personally feel they just need to be limited via admin discretion, and not be in the rules, as we already have a lot of JB rules as is right now.
  14. JB - currently dead TTT - overpopulated KZ - moderate population AWP - ??? (never can tell by servers tab) MG, 1v1, 10-man - Non-existant yet Personally we aren't ready for expansion. Need to fix our population in all servers before expanding to be honest.
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