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  1. uhhh i thought that's not allowed or something like that to do giveaways like that x.x edit: a condition not me entering btw
  2. oh heck yes you got admin

    i knew it all along! super grats

  3. I like the change indeed. The only question is: Where do status updates go in the rework?
  4. Good luck, you were very great when you were Event Lead.
  5. nat does also, check out some of the posts prior to this one
  6. I honestly see those ads everywhere, like sponsored and stuff on my YouTube subscriptions list.
  7. a wise person knows that keys aren't tradable anymore and anyone who fell for this MAY also remove you off friends list had this happen to 3 people I once knew years ago
  8. it took a while, glad it's being resurrected. This be a great way to dodge that stupid corona.
  9. oh yeah that's only if you own Commander Lilith and Sanctuary DLC. It now costs money (but it was free for some time beforehand)
  10. i knew you were totally worthy
  11. that's borderlands 2 with the 2 ultimate vault hunter packs
  12. staying home x.x beat Borderlands 3 and reached max level (level 53) playing WoW with the 100% EXP boost slowly working on Chemical Plant 2 (map) doing Seasons 20 and 21 in Forza Horizon 4 Dungeon Defenders Awakened and so many more I didn't bother with Shattered Web Diamond coin because my remaining 10 missions are all Danger Zone missions and are super aids
  13. One of the Jackbox Games series games that is now free for 3 weeks is now available to get on Steam for the low price of FREE. Do you or your friends on Discord or wherever you want to play this can draw strange pictures and laugh about them? https://store.steampowered.com/app/442070/Drawful_2/ Check it out! Free for 3 weeks. (Got this as a promotional email today - it will be available free for 3 weeks.)
  14. From what I dug around, this is what I found: Your SteamID (given what you posted in your appeal) is STEAM_0:0:196515830 I searched for both STEAM_0:0:196515830 and STEAM_1:0:196515830 in the bans and found nothing. This may be strange, but I'm not 100% sure what caused this ban, you might want to wait until a Staff can figure this out for you. Patience is key!
  15. not bad I know I've spent my fair share, but this virus (Corona) is annoying and demoralizing for me. It's good some maps are still being made

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