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  1. Proob said the n-word in a zero-tolerance sng community. I believe as a staff member, he should be forked up and forced to apologize as I am offended
  2. +rep good guy, watch out tho he kinda sus when i played awp for a month
  3. Neutral, I was one of the victims of the tragic day on jb_clouds_final5, I still go to bed thinking about watching my fellow prisoners get put on obama care for the rest of their lives
  4. Anata no subete no weeabo @forgecan relate, that songs a banger
  5. @colinkrits about whether or not you were allowed to kill M17 thats why i mentioned klitch for clarification
  6. If KOSed and you know it is false (no logic behind it/KOSer lying about reasoning), you may kill the player who KOSed you. This only implies when it is a false KOS in which M17 had reasoning to KOS. I don’t think there is a set rule when it comes to innos defending themselves against KOS with valid reasoning (by shooting back)@Klitch. M17 has the right to slay you but typically in this sort of context a warning would be most advised if taken seriously
  7. HBD blu

  8. hbd

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