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  1. Weren’t you and other MLG members the people who were harassing warden? In terms of the ddos theat you should be unbanned and it brings pop back to the servers but from my memory you were known for being a dickhead
  2. 1. Waffle 2. Nope 3. Half and half
  3. I object this promotion as wooper is teemo player
  4. All my homies will miss him
  5. Proob said the n-word in a zero-tolerance sng community. I believe as a staff member, he should be forked up and forced to apologize as I am offended
  6. +rep good guy, watch out tho he kinda sus when i played awp for a month
  7. Neutral, I was one of the victims of the tragic day on jb_clouds_final5, I still go to bed thinking about watching my fellow prisoners get put on obama care for the rest of their lives