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  1. Hellooooo everyone! I would like to take the time to introduce my self to you all; my name is Pawzy! I love to play CS:GO and especially love to have 1 v 1 battles and have fun times on TTT servers! My favorite TTT server is of course, our TTT server because we have great Admins like OKrapP here to enforce rules and regulate players in a polite manner! I am 15 years old; my birthday is on the 26th of March in 2002. I love to play Basketball with my friends and also am a big Airsoft/RC enthusiast! I also run a small YouTube Channel. I am new to Skynet Gaming, but once I meet the requirements; I would definitely love to apply for Admin! Feel free to add my Main Account on Steam! You can also add my Alt Account (however it has a Grief ban till August/15/2017).
  2. Here was my reply to his suer admin app:
  3. Sorry shot, but its a big NO from me. You banned me for practically throwing a joke at you when you told me to "stfu" x3 (or perhaps more with toxic comments, because 'I talk to much' even though you are an admin and you could've EASILY seen that I was new, had 5-10 mins on the TTT server). Anyways I have nothing much against you, it's just like what most people say, if you weren't rude to new players and didn't show toxic behavior towards me when I first started, then this would've been a big YES instead of a big NO. On the other hand I really really appreciate OKrapP's help and kindness towards me, him being a young fellow him self, and he enforces all rules in a nice and very polite manner, also sped up my VIP process, luv ya OKrapP At least now I am a VIP and I have a say in your approval as well, before when I was a member you disrespected me, again I would only say that you don't deserve Super Admin at all, in-fact you don't even deserve a Admin status but whatever.
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    Hello, I am Pawzy, a new VIP here

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