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  1. This is something Chicken WOULD do and im not surprised
  2. Samy

    Room Reveal?!?

    Love the creeper blanky but a bit weebish with the dolls, sorry "actions figures" xD
  3. How do we prove that we killed only rebellers as CT, and not just the ts that are not following orders?
  4. Minigames!!!!!! its been such a long time, glad to see thats its poping rn :D
  5. Samy

    Coffee or Tea?

    I dont drink either but I drink milk!! Anyone else drinks milk in the morning?
  6. I was also there and yes he jumped into stack trying to kill himsled, but he still had his gun. We told him to slay because he gunplanted and we explained how to do it but he didnt do it.
  7. Samy

    I'll Be Gone

    Good luck with school
  8. Samy


    i dont think i would live if i was veg xD meat is the greatest food ever!!!!
  9. +rep, amazing guy, super nice and he helps out the people that dont know the rules.
  10. good community, fun servers and overal enjoyable to play


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