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  1. Looks mint Cant wait to carry my t buddies in that map
  2. huge +rep beating six in his own server and always being first in AWP proves that hes an active member or SNG and knows what he is doing. Salty def deserves a spot on the supers admin.
  3. the map looks really fun keep up the great work
  4. Samy

    Hi I;m Fongle

    Hey fongle!! welcome to the forums
  5. +rep Jayyy is always fun to play with or against in any server (especially in jb), he is active all the time, he helps the newbies and would make a good operator for jb. gl dude
  6. Wassup poi!! welcome to the forums
  7. +rep surprised you applied for mg rather then jb but he is always active and def super admin material.
  8. What do you wish for Christmas this year, despite Coronavirus? New pc parts Aside from a knife skin, what is your dream CS:GO skin that you wish you owned? Obv a souvenir awp dragon lore What is your favorite SNG Server and why? I love the Jb server because of the community and to rebel everyday is also fun Thanks for doing this giveaway div
  9. +rep Super chill guy, always active and knows everything about deathrun.
  10. Samy

    hello im trump

    Congrates dude
  11. Samy

    jb_vouch_v1 thread

    The minigames look sick!!! and i can see a couple of rebeling options :) keep up the great work milky and dont give up dude <3

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