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  1. all you were saying was "STOP FUCKING SLAYING ME" AND "YALL ADMINS ARE N****"
  2. your lucky i didnt give you a 3 day ban i slayed you so many times youd think youre doing something wrong rather then to talk mad shit over us admins. you could of asked what you were doing wrong and I would of gladly explained but you just continued to rdm everyone you see (you rdm me while i was detective 3 times) so just take the 18 hours and chill a bit -rep
  3. Samy

    RTX 30'S

    I have the 1080 ti and its good but i cant believe I can buy a wayy better card for the same price
  4. But thats what most people do not everyone has a full q of friends that play among us
  5. Fall guys is wayyyyyyyy better among is fun but when someone blames someone else for no reason and everyone then votes for that person it kills the fun.
  6. +rep Brodie literally knows everything about deathrun, hes active 24/7 and tries to have fun every single time hes playing. He loves to show off his skills with hard to do skips and huge strafes which is quite impressive if you ask me. Ive seen him teach new people the basics of deathrun and more experienced people cool map secrets and skips (since that he knows them all). Hes very qualified and mature for his age Gl on your app
  7. Samy


    bonjour <3
  8. Samy

    soy verde ♻️

    Congrates recycling man
  9. Samy

    thank you SNG

    Cya man :( gonne miss you g
  10. Samy

    am bloo

    congrats bro

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