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  1. Those were the good days I wish I could go back to that, but alas things change and people stop playing. sad moment :(
  2. the bigger the council, the greater the odds that there will be good ideas for events
  3. yeah the attack heli on dirty nuke and the tanks are op, like allot things rn, the devs need to buff a couple of weapons and nerf the mp5, krig, ak and teir 2 sniper.
  4. As allot of you already know the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game just opened its beta for those who pre-purchased it and I was just wondering if any of you fellow SNG members liked the game. I reached lvl 31 on day one and wasn't really impressed with anything the game has to offer atm. I am really disappointed with the beta because they locked almost every game mode, the campaign and zombies so I wont be able to try anything other then VIP, moshpit and dirty nuke which are very repetitive game modes and boring. To me, cold ware doesn't feel like a black ops game, more
  5. This cute little guy And this guy if anyone remembers him
  6. I personally never had any beef with him other then the MLG moments in JB but hearing from others he was a toxic and annoying player who'd always go out of his way to annoy people like the spamming of the warden bind. If hes still the same person I think he should stay banned, but from what I read in his post it sounds like hes willing to change and be a little less toxic to the community. Id say give him a chance and see what happens. +rep
  7. +rep I feel like Bucket should have at least gotten trial admin the first him he applied. Nevertheless, he matured greatly, has allot of experience and has a good reputation in SNG.
  8. F in chat for our fallen comrades :( Congrates @ Diam0ndz
  9. yeah ive had that problem for a long time now and had to rely on someone else to /bd the person . I always thought it was cause I didnt have the perms (dont ask me why i thought that) and I never took the opportunity to bring the problem to higher ups. Thanks for @ing me Evdog and thank you Doggo for making a post about this.
  10. Bonjour comment ca va?