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  1. Jako

    yo its me

    sup playa welcome to the forums
  2. It hasn't even been a month since the original ban that was for threatening to swat people and then on top of that you evaded twice. It looks like you learned your lesson about threatening to swat people but you still evaded twice. Personally, I think he should be banned for a little while longer, and if he hasn't evaded from now until his next appeal, I would be happy to +rep it. But for now I am a -rep.
  3. Went ahead and fixed your steam id, also gonna @ MERICA since he was the one who dished out the ban.
  4. holy shit you're nuts
  5. Jako

    Milk epic intro

    Welcomes to the forums, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!
  6. Hop in Teamspeak around 9:15pm EST this upcoming Thursday (5/7/20) for your interview. Good luck! :)
  7. Hop in Teamspeak at 9pm EST this upcoming Thursday (5/7/20) for your interview. Good luck! :)
  8. Jako

    yoooo happy birthday man

  9. Player was banned for aimbot. Locking and moving topic.
  10. Player has been gagged. Thanks for the report, try to use correct format next time @Revibe.
  11. why


  12. Jako

    Nairb = 🍊웃

    congrats brian well deserved man

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