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  1. Jako


    get rid of taj heaven bro.. that shit is so bad lmao
  2. Jako


    LETS GO PROOBS good shit boi well deserved
  3. +rep can be kinda sus at times but is fit for super as he knows and enforces rules and is fun to play ttt with
  4. Probably one of the best prospects we have for super admin right now...
  5. +rep definitely deserves the position, knows the rules well and enforces them to his best abilities
  6. can i join your mafia @forge
  7. its not even a big deal... if it really upsets you that much just use one of the new knives :p
  8. Jako


    dang no need to flex on us like that welcome to the forums :)
  9. I would really like a sustainable job that will provide for me and my family, gonna need a degree for that so continuing my college education is how I plan to do it.
  10. i think they look nice, wouldnt mind the howling alpha on my profile :)
  11. Jako

    Giveaway :)

    Millions of trees grow every year thanks to squirrels forgetting where they put their nuts.
  12. I can't see a retake server benefiting sng. hard pass dog
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