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  1. Message me on discord to arrange your interview! Good luck. @Box ๐ŸŽƒ
  2. @broge Hop in teamspeak at 9pm EST this upcoming Thursday (15th) for your interview. Let me know if you need to reschedule. Good Luck!
  3. big moves coming to the community of sng! :POGGERSCHAMPION:
  4. The mute is already expired, stop being an idiot man.
  5. revive me jett @Jako | yumpa #111 | Yes @ Mr.Derp | MrDerp #1169 @Zarn | zarn #0005 @george | zeek #yep @gabe | karma #lmao SUB @erik :] | pickleog #6355
  6. Jako

    n word

    epic name playa welcome to the forums
  7. Jako

    Im asian :)

    congrats playa
  8. Jako

    am bloo

    congrats buddy miss playing awp wit u
  9. Jako

    Bye Bye SNG

    peace playa
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