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  1. big grats redder definitely deserved!
  2. erik is definitely fit for this position, man is a chunk and a half +rep
  3. i would really appreciate this in my inventory
  4. Jako

    Lead Mentor

    mentor me dad grats:)
  5. @wooper do u really still play the same pixelmon server i could maybe give up some of my pokes
  6. Jako

    Resignation :crab:

    this is illegal.
  7. dots ur fuckin insane
  8. Jako


    dream car is definitely a Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  9. after my favorite awp server shutdown (vlg) i came looking for a new server and found sng's awp server and became better than zarn at awping @Zarn pussy
  10. pretty messy and yes i have something under my comp to protect it from the electric carpet gods
  11. uhhhh ill take a number 3 please no mustard
  12. Fairbanks, Alaska to go see the northern lights and also Easter Island
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