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  1. i like to use my ninja tabi to reduce incomming hate by 12%, also makes u run pretty fast
  2. youtube videos? you're downloading the wrong thing son
  3. Rachnus

    Zia's super app

    +++++++++ +++++++
  4. tango spies trying to advertise again
  5. type !gangs T get creds for pickin up: weed = 4 creds joints = 6 creds All CTs that are alive gets 5 creds for making it to LR. CTs that win LRs get 10 creds EDIT: also do !ghelp for cmds Buying a gang costs 3000 creds invite ur monkeys to the gang set permissions of ur monkeys in the gang do !gimmunity <player> <0 - 100> to make sure certain people cannot target other people within the gang (people with higher immunity cannot target people with lower immunity) buy a chat tag in the shop menu in !gangs gang gang

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