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  1. Mighty


    My name is Mighty and i am 14 year old kid playing some jb and ttt I love to have people interacting with me and being nice. I have two dogs they are both labaradors
  2. It was actually one of the older guys on this community named old Greg My name before this was icey but i switched it to Mighty because i needed a new name
  3. Good! a lot of the maps have op or less op t rooms Thank You!!!!!!
  4. Mighty

    WoW Classic

    dude the fact that WoW Classic came out is amazing going to be playing it dude
  5. 1) Player's in game name(s) - Malala 2) Steam ID(s) of reported player(s) - STEAM_1:1:163976933 3) Reason for report being made - Exploting 4) Evidence against player being reported - I was playing ttt and everyone started exploting and me and @SaltyMeatBalls took screenshots and video proof of them exploiting when me and Salty first saw them we said not to do it again but they did ti any ways then me we told them to get down. He Would not budge. And kept killing every single person there while exploting. @Malala is the guy.
  6. +rep He is the best admin always does right thing Good Luck!
  7. Happy B-day Dude!!!!!!

  8. Mines the glazed donut idk but it makes me all hyper
  9. In game name Mighty Potato. Steam id MightyPotato_. No Sodality members are recommending me. Age 13 I am right for SNG because i will be nice and kind to fellow players I agree to equip The SNG tag Im most known in this server
  10. Hi Thyme this is his steam id  "booty ' shroudy" STEAM_1:1:174703117

  11. So i was playing jb and i was doing the order then shroudy came and just freekilled me. I was saying slay like 2 times and then he did not slay. If you can do something that would be great thank you <3.

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