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  1. Happy Bday

  2. Happy birthday

  3. you suck at fortnite lmao stop 

    happy bday bro 

  4. Happy birthday brotherman ;)

    come on ts sometime and say hi once in a while bro..

  5. Trix

    New JB LR

    going to be honest, this sounds gay as fuck. EDIT: To explain, I think its dumb to have an LR only last a max of 7 seconds or so since the countdown is 5 seconds, and at the max it will take some 2 seconds to figure out a basic math question. Also its dumb to have an LR completely centered around math, who legitimately thinks that would be fun. At the same time LR's completely centered around typing are not very fun either.
  6. Trix

    Ban Appeal: shots

    HIf shots is telling the truth about the rules of his game it seems okay to me. Genuinely sounds fun as well. I don’t think he was trying to bend the rules, I think the inspiration of the game came from “floor is lava” but I wouldn’t say it was a loophole around it considering there was an easy way for all of the T’s to live. Whether or not you were joking about saying “going for 80 kill game,” it’s a stupid thing to say. I don’t think it should be held against him too much in the decision on his ban appeal as it does seem as if he was joking.
  7. Trix

    rip my nigga

  8. Trix

    Favorite Fruit!

    Dragon fruit is so fucking good. Would highly recommend trying them. Starfruit as well
  9. happy bday faggot

    1. SoH_Flipz


      Itsa faaaaggggiiiiiit

  10. dang you’re much better then I thought you were, nutty clips. down to 1v1 you sometime if you want, sounds like fun
  11. raspberry and blackberry gummy candies


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