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  1. Hi elemyjnt!1! ily buddeey, no homou
  2. the game is only like 2 hours and a half ,sadly. It's pretty finger lickin' good good tho.
  3. Elegy

    [RUST] Giveaway

    Ma favorites activity is to get all the best weapons in the game , get raided and not use them, lose the raid, and do it all over again. :)
  4. I can beat up @B0xerZso easily ,man is a stick . I can be him up faster than you can.
  5. ElEgY AnD i BeNcH 25 puinds!!!!
  6. Elegy

    woo giveaway woo

    Ima fkin sell em.
  7. I do not have Evidence for when i said "The next person to talk shit gets muted for 30 min." But @Deathstar227claims that he has evidence in which I did not say what I said, Which i encourage him to post.
  8. Furoquit I won't win cuz i suck but i know who will :)
  9. Elegy

    Favorite color!

    @whyis my favorite colour.
  10. I want a deagle server real bad. I loved the deagle server of another community b4 it moved to east coast.
  11. Elegy

    Cheer me up

    i like to remember this from time to time. makes me chuckle everytime.
  12. Elegy


    Gj black man ily even tho u bully me sometimes
  13. Proobs is actually amazing . It blows my mind how committed he is to making stuff work . I see him in his private server working on dev stuff a lot. I would know because to has me join the server sometimes to kind of test stuff ,and if it doesn’t work out ,he’ll try again until it does . If that isn’t commitment then give me a dictionary.
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