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  1. +rep you have something most people don’t have, aim.
  2. Can you child’s take this dumbass arguments to dms like you tell everyone else? This is a post about a merge . If you really didn’t care about the initial post that started the argument then you should’ve just ignored it or removed it. Anyway , I’m happy to see I will be able to be a part of the same community as my good friend Guac. :)
  3. This is for you in hopes you get someone! <3
  4. You're not Power hungry and you show you really care about the server +rep Hi Klitcher!
  5. You're so fucking smart sate. i wish more people were like you. hugs and kisses XoXo
  6. +rep he helped me do a reaid in destiny 2
  7. Elegy

    free money

    Do i take your spot now that you resigned?
  8. +rep there is no reason to dislike jako, he's chill, doesn't get upset often if ever, and he's a pretty fun guy. He's been here long time, he deserve.
  9. Elegy

    New Server

    Bring back SK
  10. Merry Christmas and I hope most of you don’t die <3
  11. Elegy

    Hi I'm Pink Now

    Shut up Pink! comgrtacz@@@!1!
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Elegay! :peepoLove:


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