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  1. +rep he never cheated, he deserves the unban and the only reason he would stay banned is if whoever appeals this is dumb and wants this community to die more. #BringbackSK
  2. why don't u give me nsfw pics?
  3. +rep naK isn't a fucking pussy and will do shit right
  4. no pummel party? @Noodlesssss
  5. Make it whoever survives the longest solo on buried bc ik ur speedrunning the origns easter egg already .
  6. thanks former TTttttttT Operator
  7. Elegy


    I'm proud of you Dad!
  8. Boots are meant to be on the ground in this gamemode, not in the air. No bullshit ways to get highground should exist . Also, think about what newer players will think when they're killed from a quarter-inch player model floating in the sky.
  9. Simply do not need luck only wallhacks. What is your favorite SNG Server and why? ScoutzKnivez bc people that played were actually good at the game overall and it made me want to get better back then. Ty @Awaffle for the call of duty style OMG's Counter-strike Global Offensive 2020.06.30 -
  10. Gir, I hate how every day you get called a faggot, a retard, and genuinely hated on. Noodles gets praised every day, but you, you take the dump. Why guys, why? Gir, come with me. We will have a future together, away from those toxic people that don’t know you have feelings. +rep
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