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  1. I like removing the fake ID . An ID for innos would be like tasing yourself ,but only you know unless you copy and paste into chat. with that said I think the price should be 8k.
  2. Admins recs: @Planty @bung @ Diam0ndz @Trumpet @*BrK @Google Fiber™ @Sixredfish @Warden Flamewater @B0xerZ
  3. Player Name Elegy Steam ID STEAM_1:1:156201586 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/ElegyB/ Age 15 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? I've played SNG for many years. since the Scoutzknivez server was like the biggest server. I've met so many people and made so many memories I want other people to have a great experience as I had here on SNG. I know the rules and how they are used and applied. I am confident that I can , and will be able to handle the server . I've had many times where people have broken rules and nothing was done about it. I want to be there in those times and help the server and its community. Active Servers AWP, TTT, Scoutzknivez
  4. +rep super active ,knows the rules and knows what he is doing while playing the game.
  5. OMG, It's my 2nd best friends Birthday!!!! That's out of  8 other people!

  6. falso, It's better to say im frenchie 2 , since he is the eldest of us.
  7. Cuz he said he learned his lesson .
  8. I was on the server during the 2-3 maps this was happening on, and i wanna say that i was kosd by them for no reason, twice after killing one of them. I dont have evidence to prove this ,but why would i lie? So next time just don't ghost and be a toxic ,thanks. it seems like u hated the TTT rules link when someone posted them in chat but here they are. skynetgaming.net/forums/topic/13621-ttt-rules/ its pretty useful, maybe you wont get banned if u read and follow them.
  9. +rep this is my fuckin nigga right here boys
  10. Elegy


    What’s poppin homie ?
  11. Elegy


    No, I don’t think I will
  12. He was the better one on TTT George . Happy Bday Peter
  13. I am disappointed to not see myself in there despite how much I played.
  14. I couldn’t get AP classes since I transferred from a less intelligent school
  15. Elegy


    I want a car that goes VROOOM!!!!1!!!11!11
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