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  1. +rep it is probably one of the worst rounds because you just get those people in climb so then nothing will ever happen to them
  2. +rep Responsible and fit for the position, knows all the rules and is constantly engaged on the server
  3. Honestly very toxic and unprofessional. On one instance he called me "kid" in admin chat for a reason which was not of importance to him, but just to make it known that he has power he decided to do it... -rep
  4. Ono

    Giveaway =)

    Mason Ramsey will show me the way while singing Panini by Lil NasX I believe in him
  5. Ono


    Welcome... I like the catfishing
  6. @Sunless thank you for making a topic about this because also !inv is broken and no decals or anything in !inv works
  7. +Rep very knowledgable and a great guy overall
  8. Ono

    o/ Hey

    Thank you sir
  9. Ono

    o/ Hey

    Thank you, long time no see Glad to be back
  10. Ono

    o/ Hey

    Nm, you
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