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  1. I love you

  2. ayee you're now big red. just saw this post now, congrats dude i'm happy ttt is back and you're the one who will be operating it. I'm sure you'll make a great op. you've come along way from when you were just a member playing.. i remember those days.
  3. Sicko mode giveaway. Gang gang gang gang no u cannot hang with us
  4. Me and my buddies ask eachother this a lot I prefer fourhwhellers because the ride to me is a lot more enjoyable. I feel more incontrol on a four wheeler, and imo the shit you can do with a four wheeler out matches bikes. I like dirt biking too, I love to ride in woodsy terrains but strangely prefer riding a four wheeler on tracks.
  5. The only desk that matters
  6. I’ll shitpost when there’s shit to post
  7. My phone went down 4 % in a minute
  8. Legend

    Gifts for ur mum

    I made my mamma a picture frame. I made it in my industrial tech class. I hope y'all show ur moms some love today
  9. Jesus everyone’s is long so I’ll keep it short I played sngs deathrun server for a few months before I applied for admin. When I was a member people like lawl and lukaii inspired me to get involved. During my trial admin time I quickly realized deathrun was not my passion and it wasn’t my destiny. So I gave everything I had to bhop, I was super for 6 months before I was operator. Workin under Velox as super and op was an honor. I’m happy I’ve stayed, things are only getting better. Im ready for another 2 years
  10. Bro Ive got two old isystems. My iPhone 6s and an iPad mini. The mini’s lastest ios is only 7 or something so it’s super shitty and outdated, I can’t even use charging jack headphones on it 🤮. So I want to jailbreak the mini if I can even tho it’s old asf. Id jailbreak my phone as well if I saw some more stuff it has to offer.
  11. Legend

    Future Achievements

    Recently I’ve been trying to become a better me. I look at the energy I put out because it’s the energy I’ll get back. my achievement is to be more positive and more happy
  12. No one smokes exotics they’re boof Your danks better be real

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