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  1. Legend


    Thats really sad wooper i remember you being a cool dude. With that being said ill step up and take over wooper position, i love dr and would have its best interests at heart. Who remembers binnyhawp lol
  2. Legend


    I used to be a bhop operator for sng lol, god i miss those days. it mustve been years since sng has owned a bhop server. And when I was around it was 20 people in pedros channel every single day, there would always be some sort of interested conversation going on in there. But life happens and we all grew up and lost the time it looks like. Its still always cool to come back and have the memories
  3. Legend

    The big smelly

    Is this what the forums have come to? LOL. I remember back when i played the forums were taken so seriously that this wouldve been considered a shit post and probably got warned. but man times have changed, and im not hating, i say post all the shit you want as long as you love sng.
  4. What up y'all! I missed skynetgaming and all the fun times and people I met on here. I want know how you guys are doing, I talked to a lot of you about life and shit and built some real friendships with you mofos. I know i still have some of you guys on snapchat so some of y'all still see me everyone once in awhile irl which is cool xD. But idk this is just a random/sloppy post I spontaneously felt making because I was just reminiscing on the good ol days. So let me know how you guys are doing and whatcu got going on in life, if we ever chopped it up back in the day I fr wanna know if y'a
  5. I love you

  6. ayee you're now big red. just saw this post now, congrats dude i'm happy ttt is back and you're the one who will be operating it. I'm sure you'll make a great op. you've come along way from when you were just a member playing.. i remember those days.
  7. Sicko mode giveaway. Gang gang gang gang no u cannot hang with us
  8. Me and my buddies ask eachother this a lot I prefer fourhwhellers because the ride to me is a lot more enjoyable. I feel more incontrol on a four wheeler, and imo the shit you can do with a four wheeler out matches bikes. I like dirt biking too, I love to ride in woodsy terrains but strangely prefer riding a four wheeler on tracks.
  9. The only desk that matters
  10. I’ll shitpost when there’s shit to post
  11. My phone went down 4 % in a minute
  12. Legend

    Gifts for ur mum

    I made my mamma a picture frame. I made it in my industrial tech class. I hope y'all show ur moms some love today