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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday silly

  3. Rip u will be missed 

    you have done well for the meme sector of this community.

  4. Do big things 16 year old prodigy, I litterally believe in you :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  5. :Candle::rip::Candle: Destroyed by Pedro Deuces. May your young gaming career rest in peace.

  6. you guys dont realize that there are carrier plans LMFAO
  7. theres a 8 and 8 plus LMFAO
  8. Look at the market look at whats getting produced and advertised like look at the surfacepro the iPad Pro ( the ipad pro is faster than some laptops and still weighs one pound ) im being serious though its getting more and more advanced and faster like an PC but its portable and lighter lol
  9. I believe its the best consumer phone and Samsung is way more complicated because it has so much more freedom but idk the software of the iPhone ( iOS 11 ) is fucking godly to use for the consumer like its never been more simpler
  10. Its actually more durable than the Samsung S8 LOL by a lot which is unbelievable lol
  11. Tbh phones and tablets are starting to replace the desktop PC its fucked but its happening
  12. If you have an Iphone 6 - 6s - 7 you can use a upgrade plan depending on your contract or carrier to better afford it which is pretty cool
  13. They were sticking to the Aluminum design for Cheaper and lighter materials but then they realized they have to catch up with the top competitor. But yeah i believe apple is going to remove all buttons and make shit like the power button and volume touch sensitive so its a button less phone which is a great direction towards the market since 3/4 of Teenagers own a Iphone LOL they can just merge the market like its absolutely nothing! fucking brilliant in my eyes from a business standpoint
  14. No matter what time it is no matter where the A11 Bionic Chip that's exclusively in the Iphone X can make the software adapt to any light so darkness isnt even a thing LOL


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