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  1. +REP When I first met Boxerz it was when he decided to smurf on west where he had no points , Now more than two years later, hes a chill and fun admin. Super reasonable, always quick to respond if someone's breaking rules on the server, and is super active. only person id put before him as op is retired. ( I still miss Louie )
  2. thanks for linking the demo and being so kind about this whole experience, I truly dont script, i feel like its pretty obvious to tell, end of round 12 i start going, and land two hops with full speed and then botch the third hop. bhops for me have always been weird on awp compared to SK because of the whole double jump mechanic, which always goes off for me because i just scrollwheel my ass off. but my word that im not scripting doesn't get me out of the 1 week hopefully the community can throw their insight in.
  3. my mouse doesnt have hyper scroll, thats a logitech function. my mouse has a regular mousewheel ty for the luck <3
  4. In-Game Name: KiLLJ0Y Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:51621226 Name of the Admin that punished you: Loft Reason why you got punished: Scripting Length of your punishment: 1 week Reason why the punishment should be lifted: Im honestly not scripting, i use a steelseries rival 100 scrollwheel. I play the SK server all the time and im just confused. if the evidence looks bad for me ill accept the ban but i just dont see how i could be scripting when i dont have scripts on my pc. Hopefully we can work this out, i know loft doesnt just ban people so maybe the evidence is there. alec-KiLLJ0Y
  5. 1. 「§NG」| bAsTriX 2. STEAM_0:1:55184513 unreasonable temp bans me, malum, and treason were all given 1 hour bans on sk for having names saying unmute retro, which seems a little insane. retro got a 10 min mute which was semi fair as he did earrape for a second so as a joke we changed names to unmute retro 2k17. then bastrix 1hr's us for it. its not like we were making a super big deal about it. and i dont belive that changing your name like that qualifies for a ban even a 1hr. it was honestly just a joke on the fact that retros group says ban retro. https://gyazo.com/51ec037b73a051558c265552ab200edf ban log for those that want it.

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