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  1. They can lr but you can just shoot them?
  2. Waterfox = Firefox variant, quantum = new Firefox lava fox = skin for firefox
  3. Waterfox non quantum with lava fox v2
  4. We have new/unplaced maps but no one votes for them
  5. Malala


    We did... at his game barely runs on pc how the fuck does an Xbox fun it
  6. Most people below “average intellect”are dumb
  7. Malala

    Binny Hawp

    not everyone will notice the message, one of my old servers did a group ban and they ended up banning an admin
  8. Malala

    Binny Hawp

    because not everyone in the group did anything wrong
  9. lots of wallbangs but not as many as bungalow
  10. banned by console so either icamp banned you or an admin not registered on sourcebans
  11. that was posted yesterday and i quoted you once? how is this even relevant to the thread