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  1. Nub

    Favorite meal?

    Dinner, if I get to eat some steak that is. Other than that it is breakfast all the way.
  2. Nub


    I absolutely love sour skittles.
  3. My favorite is definitely sweet tea. Un-sweet tea is just nasty.
  4. Nub

    judge me

    You have issues xD
  5. Nub

    Gaming PC

    Try a website called NewEgg. I think that is what it is called.
  6. I love princess cityscape the most.
  7. I thought if you were a girl you would have to have a baby no matter what.
  8. Nub

    Favorite Games

    I like MW2, all of the god of war games, and Stars Wars battlefront games from the PS2.
  9. Just some regular old Nike's
  10. Nub

    KZ Curiosity

    Doing a long jump that requires a bhop before it.
  11. Nub

    Giveaway 2.0

    Have no siblings and im 14
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