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Everything posted by Nub

  1. Nub

    Favorite meal?

    Dinner, if I get to eat some steak that is. Other than that it is breakfast all the way.
  2. Nub


    I absolutely love sour skittles.
  3. My favorite is definitely sweet tea. Un-sweet tea is just nasty.
  4. Nub

    judge me

    You have issues xD
  5. Nub

    Gaming PC

    Try a website called NewEgg. I think that is what it is called.
  6. I love princess cityscape the most.
  7. I thought if you were a girl you would have to have a baby no matter what.
  8. Nub

    Favorite Games

    I like MW2, all of the god of war games, and Stars Wars battlefront games from the PS2.
  9. Just some regular old Nike's
  10. Nub

    KZ Curiosity

    Doing a long jump that requires a bhop before it.
  11. Nub

    Giveaway 2.0

    Have no siblings and im 14
  12. Pop tarts dipped in milk. Is that even weird?
  13. Nub

    Nub intro

    I have been playing on SNG deathrun for a couple of years, and im pretty active. Im gonna download ts soon. Im trying to get to know new people as well. Glad to finally get on the forums, and nice to meet you all! Also thank you to @Memes for helping me with this.

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