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Young Versace

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  • Birthday June 27

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    Computers, Biomechanical Science, and Video Games are my top 3

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  1. I'm going to school to become a bio-mechanical engineer
  2. You better Attack your birthday with joy!

  3. My new *UNISEX* shoes just hit the market, 2 styles. "RED" ~ an off-white inspired basketball shoe, colors (Black and White) with italian suede and leather all around the shoe "RED(SHOE)" ~ a Gucci inspired HI-top/ Basketball shoe, colors (All Red) with italian suede with/an iconic tiger logo (Styled by gucci) "NOT AVALIBLE YET" Find "RED" @ https://www.aliveshoes.com/-red--2 Prices start at $219 and rising, Free shipping to the US and EU
  4. Lil more HEADASS More admins maybe? By 「SNG」 TheTwinersPlayz, 2 hours ago in Jailbreak Server
  5. Young Versace


    For everytime pichu slaps his ass we miss you
  6. The order was no jumping yes, but you cant get trigger happy when you touch ground like I said befor I have more videos this is just him being toxic
  7. 1:spooky pepe 2:STEAM_1:1:218388435 3:He freekills then says he didn't and refuses to slay, he is very toxic by trying to enforce false rules, and is repeadiatly disobeying rules https://plays.tv/video/59e3980f23e8f2b557/jb-rulebreaking-incedent This is a freekilling incedent were he said he didnt even when he seen the video, comment if you want more videos!
  8. +rep Very good player, very friendly, well known, and them knife fight days tho

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