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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday:SMOrc:

  3. Imagine being born L

    1. Vegan Celery

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      ew who would wanna be born?

  4. also when did I say that I said i killed the zero guy(the guy behind me) first then budders highlight it for me I still dont see it Finta I am willing to apologies to you for slaying for you. This is going no where and we're just embarrassing ourselves now as Diamondz pointed out. @Finta
  5. what do you mean by this? who? and I was knifing him not shooting I knifed the first guy then went through a portal and saw budders and shot at him
  6. Red he kosed me and said because i killed spazzers or he's dead so it has to be me and there was someone behind me so i panicked and killed him then went through a portal and killed budders and he was right behind him and killed me. what i'm trying to say is that i would not have went on trying to kill everyone if he did not kos me does that make it more clear?
  7. in the screenshot above the round logs i typed that after you kosed me for killing spazzerz above the box you highlighted @Finta
  8. Finta you kosed me before I killed anyone is what im trying to say
  9. no i have the flu and just got on for 30 minutes to play so i did not record anything
  10. finta what I am saying is you kosed me for killing spazzers not budders You had everyone reason to kill me after i killed budders you were right behind him but i wouldn't have killed anyone yet if you didn't kos me
  11. First of all Finta you false kosed me after figuring out it was me after my t buddy died? so I panicked and killed the guy right behind me and went and killed Budders then you killed me because you right behind him. You were not slayed for killing you me were slayed for false kosing me. Also you were saying how I slayed you because you saw me kill Spazzers (which i did not) and then you false kosed me. I told you that but you kept arguing and said make a complaint then because you would not realize what i was saying. I recommend you dont lie about what happened because I never said you were being slayed because you killed me after I killed budders.
  12. last time i checked regular admins cant perm
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