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  1. +rep active SNG player and knows the rules
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    Late at night
  3. Player Name Smashy Steam ID STEAM_0:1:216654947 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198393575623/ Age 12 Admin Recs @ Diam0ndz, @Rawr!~, @Zuric, @HellHound, @Warden Frostwater, @wooper , @redderfry, @Chiken, @Trumpet Why would you be a good admin? I think I would be a good admin because I am well known in the JB and TTT community. I have been playing SNG for more than 1 1/2 years now and i'm familiar with most of the rules. One of the main reasons I wanted to become an admin is because I used to play at weird hours of the night in the summer and people would rdm/fk and I would try to get an admin with no luck so I started to take interest in becoming an admin and have been getting Recs for a while so I can try to make SNG better then it already is. If there is anyone who I did not add to my Recs or if you did not rec me and I put you there please tell me and I will remove/add. It's been a while. Thank you and I hope can become an admin! Active Servers TTT, JB
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