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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. W O T

    What happened :peepoSad:

    1. Diam0ndz


      meow fish

    2. codi


      you got trapped

    3. Yato
  3. Lmaooo 

    wouldnt send me a video of her talking yikes 

  4. i always liked the emerald skins and fades
  5. I like spaghetti and butter Welcome to the forums!
  6. Big feet I wear vans and stuff, nothing too particular. I like sandals though
  7. +rep Rawr! Happy to see that you're applying! He is an awesome guy who loves to play TTT, and teaches others how to play it at the same time. He is not only nice, but active and follows the rules and like I said, teachers others the rules at the same time. The only thing is that he is pretty new to Skynet (as he has joined the forums only 7 days ago on the 18th) however, I feel as though he has already made himself a name, and would be a great fit for admin. With that, good luck Rawr! I wish you the best in this.
  8. very nice lex, you still ignore me when i say hi : '(
  9. commodore


    he is nice norwegian person
  10. Come backkkkk


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