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  1. +rep Long time player who would know what to do with the position. Very good guy
  2. +rep Koris is very active on awp and a great admin.
  3. Playing with Jay is the best. If you get this game, you need to play with this man
  4. +rep Shroud is a very active players who knows the rules and would do great at enforcing them. Get this guy admin
  5. +rep -Amanda was very active -Been a long time since she was banned
  6. Congrats to all of the new promos. Especially Hachi and Merica congrats
  7. Good luck to you Pat, I remember the good times during all those years. Have fun in your next journey.
  8. Congrats diamond. Thank you to all the directors for the years yall gave this community.
  9. +rep -chill dude -known the rules for a long time now -he def has what it takes
  10. +rep Curry is a great guy and definitely can do great things. I think some more time more experience will come but regardless a solid candidate.
  11. +rep Honestly this dude cares about awp more than anyone I know. Boxerz is a great fit and the right man for the job
  12. +rep Long time player and def would know what to do with the position
  13. Seen you on awp before. Welcome to the forums. I'm currently ranked mg but i usually q with dmgs and play dmg/le games. My recommendation is yes warmup with aim maps. But spend time warming up with retakes. They're high action and strategy servers designed to better your reaction times, smokes/flashes in combat, and overall teamwork/team-pushing. The help me warmup greatly and are a good use of time.
  14. ✪ Supreme

    Moving on

    Good luck to you lex. Before was such a simpler time. Chilling on jb with you was fun. Good luck on your future endeavors