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  1. Seen you on awp before. Welcome to the forums. I'm currently ranked mg but i usually q with dmgs and play dmg/le games. My recommendation is yes warmup with aim maps. But spend time warming up with retakes. They're high action and strategy servers designed to better your reaction times, smokes/flashes in combat, and overall teamwork/team-pushing. The help me warmup greatly and are a good use of time.
  2. ✪ Supreme

    Moving on

    Good luck to you lex. Before was such a simpler time. Chilling on jb with you was fun. Good luck on your future endeavors
  3. If it happened once before and it picked up on it again. Prob not just a random error. The system wouldn't just make it up. I don't mind you and don't think you cheat on the server. But maybe you tried to hop on or something and it picked it up immediately. Either way it wouldn't be a fluke. -rep
  4. Playing a lot of CS. Procrastinating getting the homework and I studying I need to get done....Basically just making my brain go into summer mode already.
  5. Warzone is pretty fun....after awhile of playing I get tired of it cause it gives me a headache of dealing with 3472348723 ppl at one time. But overall it's solid and I do pretty well on it. Multiplayer is alright. It's not bad and I think it's starting to evolve away from camping so.
  6. +rep -long time player -knows rules and capable of handling admin
  7. +rep Ban was two years ago, he's probably learned his lessons. I'm all for second chances
  8. Been awhile since we used to talk. But regardless, good luck man. Wish you the best
  9. Cya Kingjin.....tb to the old days in 2017 & 2017. Those were good times. You were the first owner I ever saw on awp and the kill animations would confuse tf outa me. GL on your future endeavors
  10. ✪ Supreme


    y2mate.com - A haha meme_bnn2rXRbP0s_1080p.mp4
  11. @KING KAZMAYou're a legend for this. Seems like a fun and all-inclusive/fair event. GL to everyone
  12. I use the Razor Ornata Chroma. But I don't like to use the hand rest that comes with it.
  13. ✪ Supreme

    Merci SNG

    Farewell and good luck to you and to what's ahead.

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