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  1. I'm not gonna reply anymore because this is spam at this point and the arguing needs to chill. But it doesn't matter if you've played them for a long time. The time tracker is a clear indication of who's active on a server and who's not. It doesn't matter how long you've been a member of a server before, it's about how active are you on it. I personally have never seen you on awp but I'm not there 24/7 so that doesn't matter. But the time tracker says that within a months period you have only an hour of playtime. That doesn't really sound like you play awp does it? Especially if you have 10 hours on jb and 40 hours on ttt. My whole point is, just don't put on your app that you play a server when it's not a server that you play on a consistent basis. For example, I've played kz before, I used to go on it late at night when no one was on and just climb. But now I only have 2 hours on the server, if I put in an app today I'd never put kz on there because I don't consistently play that server and contribute to better it's player base.
  2. +rep -Mythin's always on top of his game -Great admin -Active and mature guy -Definitely should be super
  3. He's referencing the servers that he put on his app. If he says that he plays these servers. At least on awp cause that's all I cared to check (he increased his time slightly today), he didn't even have but one hour of all-time play time. I agree with medic when saying don't put a server on your admin app when you don't even play it. Inactivity isn't the concern, it's saying that you play a server when you clearly don't is all. If he woulda applied for just ttt and jb, he'd be fine. But saying a server you didn't even have but maybe an hour on, don't put it down.
  4. I feel neutral about this. First, I believe that your posts are spam posts and you've made a lot within the past day just for the app. Also, I haven't really seen you on awp really nor have I seen you enforce any rules in my experiences with you, I've noticed you mess around with rules more than you enforce. You're pretty chill but I think you should wait, become more active on the forums and such and awp if you want to say that you truly play awp (this being you only have an hour of playtime in all-time playtime). I'm leaning more towards a -rep but we'll see what other ppl think.
  5. My original name was Visualz. I came up with it when I was around 14. I really don't know why but I just thought it was a cool name. I used it for just about everything up until 3 years ago. At first I had my name as shadow but I just like how supreme wasn't as edgy and during that time supreme was a poppin brand so. Yeah, pretty mainstream but here I am.
  6. +rep These days often involve slaying or the non-infected find some op camping spot and the rounds are just very delayed and not fun. Please take it away
  7. +Rep -Great guy -Very active -Always answers calls/complaints -Good at what he does
  8. NGL AU surf was poppin all the time. The lag is very little when it comes to surfing so it was never a problem. I say bring back AU Surf cause it constantly had players and it's a surf server so.
  9. Basketball all through high school and middle school and baseball since i was 4.
  10. GL Bt, if it's ur first year have fun but not too much. I just got done with my first year and heading into the second. Have fun my guy
  11. My only map recommendation for this is moon. You can get on top of the map/building and the zombies wont be able to kill you. It's super OP and zombie days shouldn't exist for the map especially in my opinion.
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