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  1. +rep These days often involve slaying or the non-infected find some op camping spot and the rounds are just very delayed and not fun. Please take it away
  2. +Rep -Great guy -Very active -Always answers calls/complaints -Good at what he does
  3. NGL AU surf was poppin all the time. The lag is very little when it comes to surfing so it was never a problem. I say bring back AU Surf cause it constantly had players and it's a surf server so.
  4. Basketball all through high school and middle school and baseball since i was 4.
  5. GL Bt, if it's ur first year have fun but not too much. I just got done with my first year and heading into the second. Have fun my guy
  6. My only map recommendation for this is moon. You can get on top of the map/building and the zombies wont be able to kill you. It's super OP and zombie days shouldn't exist for the map especially in my opinion.
  7. Okay so what I think is to just disable unless you leg. It's an awp server anyway, there shouldn't be any reason why a bunch of bots are chasing you around with a knife anyway. New players especially love to just knife ppl instead of use their awp. I think we should AT LEAST disable knifing unless you leg to make it more like an awp server rather than bhop'ing around and knifing ppl. I'm not one to really care about points (in fact I disabled rank for that reason) but it's extremely annoying to have ppl just b-line at you just to knife and not even try to awp and just snatch 15 points.
  8. I can't run from what I did. Also I was more like a year and a half, I over estimated. But regardless people know who I am prolly and I want to own up to what I did and do what's right.
  9. So for those who don't know me, my name is supreme. For those who do, some may remember me by visualz. When I left SNG, I did so on poor terms, I let my immaturities get in the way of relationships that I built with people and I'm forever sorry for that. It's been almost 2 years now since that time when the drama occurred. For the many who know what happened and/or who I targeted, I want to apologize. Since then I've grown older and been maturing myself. I honestly haven't had the gumption to come back but I've been playing AWP again and I miss my friends and the people I spent my time with everyday. I'm not asking to be forgiven but I hope that I can, and wanted to let all of you know that it was my deepest regret of what I did. I want to apologize most to Pedro and Icamp for the drama that I cause and my actions through pm's. I handled the situation extremely poorly and I want to own up and say that I'm truly sorry to both of you the most. I hope that we can work to build a friendship and hopefully you guys can forgive me for what I did. I understand that I will probably never be allowed back staff wise, and I'm okay with that. I wan't everyone to see that I'm truly changing and working to be a great friend and unselfish person. My name is supreme, I'm 19 years old, and I miss SNG. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see all of you around. -Tyler
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