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  1. TwinPlayz


    γεια (hi in greek)
  2. TwinPlayz


    Yah im good...
  3. Now thank you for applying for TTT, I really do think you are meant for that server just saying. I think you fit perfect for that server even though you did just try JB I recommend TTT I like you on that server. +rep hella Active, Previous Super, Also knows the rules and is a great admin
  4. Just wanting to let you guys know im leaving tomorrow and will be back on the 22nd!

    I wont be able to use any electronics sadly so I wont be able to talk for a whole weak for vacation.

    1. lil jack

      lil jack

      Hope you have a fun time!

  5. please remove knives and its fair freaking @Jayyyyy likes raping you in that lr by using his knife haha
  6. Idk he might be too young but +rep Great dude knows the rules, and he is a great admin.
  7. yesssss +reppppppp add me to your recs bro active, good man, knows the rules, and even though mics arent occasion he could be a good partner with @Thing 1™
  8. TwinPlayz


    Im mad that should have been warriors
  9. TwinPlayz

    Im amazed

    Ill just start off with I'm really happy to be in the SNG community. I am pretty amazed that I am now super.. I thought I was never gonna make it to this day and now i'm here I want to thank everyone in SNG that has gotten me to here. It took me about 1-2 years and I'm finally here! Thank you everyone. I wanna thank my interviewers and basically my favorite dudes : @proobs @Alex @ Diam0ndz = Thankyou so much for the interview and for accepting my application <3 I want to thank pretty much every admin, friends, and just literally really cool dudes and girl ========================================================================= @ August - For being the most friendly dude on sng @Aries - You have been a very good old friend of mine for a very long time @ Diam0ndz - For being a great dude @huh - You are also my very good old friend and I love your dog Im visiting you sometime haha @MERICA - For helping me get admin in the first place <3 @Noodlesssss - You are a very nice funny ass wack dude that has best memes xD @proobs - Most chill dude Ive ever met @M17 - improved version of shots and flipz combined (hahah jk love you bro) @Patman - Most satisfying time when your on jb @Aiden - I have no clue where you have been but you have been a really good friend and love your snap storys haha @chicken007 - Still think you hate me but I still like you haha @Sixredfish - For being a great friend for a long time now, I remember when you were just admin @Extacy - I remember him when he was admin bestie @Warden Flamewater - Also a great mapper and friendly man @Alex - For being rude but still love you @arrows - Where you at my friend? @Tubby - Really chill funny friend I have memories @Thing 1™ - Best admin of all time (without a mic <3) @Jayyyyy - Just met you and your my fav @Zar - Where you at my friend???? @HellHound - Remember when I taught you to apply for admin @Sunless - Good memories with you xD @7/11 is bae - Literally craziest funniest emo anime wack dude i love @ Pedro Deuces - Thanks for helping the SNG server a lot! @Azecko - I miss you bro you make me laugh a shit ton @Flowey - I miss you lots and I remember lots of shit with you hahaha @Toast๑ﭥ - Favorite map maker
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