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  1. hbd roblox video good



  2. bahahahahahahahhahaha

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday :>

  5. Happy Birthday Bud!

  6. TwinPlayz


    I'm resigning from super, your all welcome. Thank-you for reading this.
  7. Welcome :) Recommend playing all of the servers see what fits you and what you really enjoy. As I can see you like JB, TTT, and Surf, I would recommend going on all of them. I do recommend going on JB.
  8. So like lately I've been playing comp and shit and like literally either your team just fucks around having fun and just doesnt give two shits, or they focus and go try hard. My team just fucking rapes there mics and lets us loose, and sometimes we win and everytime we just listen to: that song is for sure my new favorite song. What do you do in comp? How do you play with your team? Focused? Stressed? fucking around? don't give two shits? I full queue btw, because i like to fuck around and I like my fwends. @toyspit, @Roshi, @SaltyMeatBalls, @Smokin