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  1. lexa

    Happy birthday fellow Floridian

  2. +rep you’re extremely active and would make a great admin. No doubt about that
  3. TTT is always fun with you except when you call KOS before the round starts smh
  4. lexa


    Happy to see you back!!
  5. i wouldnt care if you stay banned. The things you say especially to me are fuckin weird btw past names (ik this appeal is for hacking but still this kid weird)
  6. lexa

    Firework day

    Normally I'm working and closing, but I actually have the day off. I don't plan on doing anything though so
  7. lexa

    HAPPY EFFIN BDAY :peepoLove:

  8. Well deserved! Congrats!!
  9. +rep give him operator. He deserves it fr
  10. lexa


  11. lexa

    Lead Mentor

    congrats Hachi! well deserved
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