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  1. remove this and hns day pls absolutely clears out the servers on the larger maps either that or restrict them to certain maps or drastically reduce the time Edit: @Alex I wouldn't remove the !days menu as a whole as it keeps a limit on wardays without admins having to constantly regulate it.
  2. Wait isn't this like impossible because csgo has only a little over 10 chat colors and they are all preset? Correct me if I'm wrong or do not understand the suggestion.
  3. Life got really busy for me so I won't have time to be a developer as of right now. I'd like to put this thread on hold until my semester starts and I figure everything out. Thanks for the kind words everyone.
  4. Please let me know because valve has 0 documentation and I haven't been able to find anything like that. Early versions of arbitrator included a teamfire button if that's what you are talking about.
  5. Was thinking about doing a treasure hunt game so will probably do this if I can figure out how to track individual t's scores. We are planning on a ghost hunt game where the ts are partially visible and the cts are like ghostbusters and have to hunt them down. Tap terrorists is pretty easy to make, I don't think I'll even have to use vscripts. Probably will put something similar in. Unfortunately we will never have a map with friendly fire since you can't target individually people for it. Can you elaborate?
  6. I'm gonna be working on a new Halloween jailbreak map for release in October with @Warden Flamewater and @ Diam0ndz. We need some Halloween-themed mini game ideas as well as general ideas of some cool mini games to play. Here are some of the games we are already planning Temporary idea layout Anyone else is welcome to join on to the project even if they have very little experience with mapping.
  7. I've said this forever. CTs have autobhop and knives. Ts don't have shit. It's like chasemod.
  8. This is 10000% the server and not the map. The map doesn't just change like that. If I had to guess it would be the fact that all the guns are removed from the map during warmup. What I assume would happen is that the guns that spawn are duplicates of that gun and removing it initially somehow messed it up. That's just a guess though.
  9. Player Name Toast Steam ID STEAM_1:0:61871649 Reason you wish to become a Prospective Developer To help out Do you have any prior experience managing CSGO servers Not in cs go but experience in 4+ (mostly java python and C) programming languages, understanding of networking, graphs (the theory kind), and their implementation in code. I can provide examples as well Link to your git account  Are you interested in potentially moving up as a Developer within this community:? yes  Have you resolved any bug or suggestion trackers? If so, please link them here. n/a  Are you willing to follow our guidelines and procedures given for the resources you will be using? yes
  10. Toast๑ﭥ


    Discord never went down? https://discord.gg/bEpmbS And also most admins had no clue what was going on
  11. Player Name Toast Steam ID STEAM_1:0:61871649 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/thetoastwiththemost Age 18 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? Previous super Active Servers Jailbreak
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