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  1. BooM-

    Ban Appeal: BooM

    In-Game Name: BooM Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:90558869 Name of the Admin that punished you: Tubby Reason why you got punished: scripts Length of your punishment: perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: In the future I will not use scripts. I have enjoyed playing on Skynetgaming servers and hope to have a positive impact on the community in the future. Before I was banned, I was a little toxic. I hope to change and become a better person. I think the SNG community is better than any other servers and hope that I will be able to play on them again. During the time when I got banned I was test out scripts to see how they worked. I realize that it was a dumb choice to test it out on an SNG server or use scripts whatsoever. After having time to reflect on my actions, I understand the negative effects of cheats. Cheats create an unfair environment that can disrupt other players. While playing matchmaking, I experienced spinboters in the majority of the matches. This affected peoples in game experience and triggered my teammates. After a week of matchmaking I understand the importance of enforcing a no cheating policy. I would like to learn from this event and not cheat ever again.
  2. It doesnt help because they could just have one long no jumping order.
  3. They should add street credits to LR.
  4. They should add street credits to LR. View full suggestion

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