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  1. +rep I've been talking to him a lot recently and he's very nice!!! 100% sure he won't make the same mistake again
  2. tongan? if so Ta'e

    1. Toko
    2. Bucket


      ahhh ok cuz like toko in tongan is like brotha/ or like a friend

  3. Toko

    Ban Appeal: .99

    how was i the one that brought down all my friends man nobody ever listened to me i’m not like the leader of my group or anything and ive never told them to be toxic to anyone. I never talk to u so i don’t get why u keep saying that i was toxic in sng servers and that i was the one that turned my friends toxic when i wasn’t xD and +rep i’m sure riley learned his lesson and he’s definitely a nicer person than he was before :)
  4. for Christmas I would like a new pc dream skin is the ak bloodsport fsvorite sng server is awp awp clip with gyazo https://gyazo.com/a17d3b5f5faf5b02e353a9399ddfbd6f thanks warden :]
  5. wooper look at pms ;-;

  6. I’ve opened 100 cases and didn’t get a single red
  7. Chuunibyou best SAO second
  8. woopers dedicated to deathrun and he’s played the server for a long time + a nice guy. def the best for op wait wtf ur a furry I might take it back