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  1. woopers dedicated to deathrun and he’s played the server for a long time + a nice guy. def the best for op wait wtf ur a furry I might take it back
  2. Like what maps. We already have good tower maps, just sky tower is missing.
  3. I said keep it because there’s only 5 tower maps on sng right now
  4. wat the cooldowns fine as it is now
  5. that’s already the length of the cool down
  6. You can’t play the same map 5 maps ago
  7. no one is going to play the tower maps for 4-5 maps straight. It’s less likely that people who doesn’t enjoy tower maps would continuously pick it. Also the fortnite damage pop ups works fine on minigames.
  8. some dude unboxed this already l0l
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