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  1. friend decided to help me edit
  2. guy killed the server in a minute and dipped
  3. Toko


    1. S..


      happy birthday brotherman ^-^

  4. Toko

    NO NAME (old)

    yea I got too lazy to add cc and stuff and i decided to at least add rsmb, so I’m reuploading one with cc and levels so it’s less boring to watch
  5. was good mg admin, I dont think smeg is rlly active anymore though
  6. Twin never harassed Diam0ndz. He was never part of the "group". He was very inactive until the day the ban happened, then he started talking in general and joked about going to get banned. Diam0ndz told me twin never harassed him too also idk if being edgy means that he wants to get banned.... twin talked and joked a lot in the servers so idk if he’s rlly edgy
  7. I had clips so I wanted to try this lul song may be old and I’ll add cc next time so it’s less boring to watch
  8. Twin was banned before he posted the screenshot of him asking for lawl's snap. He asked for lawl's snap to ask for the reason of his ban because he didn't do anything, he was just in the discord. Twin wasnt rlly in the friend group, he was very inactive so we rarely talked and I don’t remember him doing anything wrong other then joking about going to get banned.
  9. removing autohop on warmcup would be a good change warmcup was cancer before because it had autohop
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