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  1. Chiken

    sng me me

    @FeelsBαdMαɴ you won bby pm me
  2. Chiken

    sng me me

    k for u @wooper send it to me in sng pms retard <3 EDIT: one meme only :cough: elegy
  3. Chiken

    sng me me

    congrats to @FeelsBαdMαɴ @Comf @redderfry @Elegy @wooper i'm making it 5 cuz idk :)) You 5 will have to make another meme and send it over to me in pm's again, whoever gets the top votes wins :))
  4. Chiken

    [RUST] Giveaway

    what got me into rust: rust youtubers :)) favorite activity is getting shot @ as soon as i spawn and begging people for wood
  5. Chiken

    sng me me

    how much he pay to ride his dick
  6. Chiken

    sng me me

    Original Post for the people who want to see the pics instead of the links
  7. Chiken

    sng me me

    top 6 go head to head
  8. Giveaway is finished will be making a different post w/ all the people who have submitted a meme top 5 advance :))
  9. If there are no more entries by the end of today I will be making a poll for your top 5 picks which then shall be randomly selected from gl to all!
  10. Hi yall, make the best SNG Oriented Meme post it down below for a chance to win 10$ Steam Gift Card. Rules: 1) don't reuse old memes that you have previously used 2) don't comment other stupid shit like: "this post is a meme" or whatever you get the point <3 gl to you all giveaway ends Friday 3pm Central Time
  11. hap bday bork:peepoLove:

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