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  1. role play is the only fun thing besides the sng gamemodes sad we can't play it
  2. -remove FAKE ID -add INNO ID for 13-15k
  3. ayo fuck your street cred whole lotta boonk gang shit
  4. take your time pat
  5. imagine @ @bung but not me smh. and your grandma lookin arms
  6. Chiken

    [TTT] BlackHole

    no one uses black holes pffff @Azecko
  7. Happy bday!

  8. I don't know about your past (quite frankly don't care) from the times i've played with you and seen you around it was pretty fun and chill +REP (you're still shit at math)
  9. theres certian parts of the map in dark where u can't be seen if i recall correctly other than that great map only complaint is that it's a bit big
  10. ur nutty in awp <3
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