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  1. Chiken

    free money

    a lil something for a sticker
  2. fucking finally. add me to recs BIG FUCKIN +REP
  3. Chiken


    kinda weird 😐
  4. i know fk, and lil doorstep from playing with them both and honestly haven't met anyone more toxic than when @Yoseph925 playing a kz map. im fine with a mute on all
  5. apparently and i'm not sure if i remember who told me but someone said that it shows up to admins only????? or somethin like that to show it was rdm which i don't believe. CURRENTLY, the biggest issue with ttt is people dying on props (which ik @ Diam0ndz has been trying to figure out)
  6. Chiken

    informative video

    wth is that cut my man.. jk
  7. -neutral. haven't seen him on in fucking forever but he's a decent guy
  8. *DEAD* redderfry : im just going for the piss yellow rank
  9. shouldnt get removed i like the idea it should just be fixed
  10. nope detective went on a killing spree shot me first i killed him ( i was an inno ) lost 2k
  11. - in some cases even though an innocent shoots at you and kill them you still lose karma
  12. Chiken

    [TTT] bugs

    - If a t kills a t buddy it shows up on death notices - people still die on props (please. fix.) - ill add more if i think of anything else
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