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  1. hunter x hunter detective conan
  2. Chiken

    Selfie Topic

  3. @Halloween Lawl explain
  4. Chiken

    Selfie Topic

    "Male Asian suspect black clothing last seen at the location."
  5. Chiken

    Making ttt Better

    for 5) i have spent time on other servers when this one was down the chances of you getting t is VERY high and makes it very fun for everyone (even the server pop was the same)
  6. some of my suggestions doesn't mean anyone else has to agree but yk 1) make sure ws works when you pick gun up 2) no dying props 3) if there's a p2k on the ground, whatever you have equipped (usps/ p2k) it should switch to it 4) more ttt events 5) make t easier to get people can go over 3 maps w/out being a t once ill add more if i think of anything else besides those feel free to agree or disagree
  7. Chiken


    whos gonna tell em
  8. Chiken

    New T item

    just fake it lol
  9. i liked it when it was at 20,000
  10. >me and my friends were playing monopoly >my friend abdul bankrupted my brother >my brother still wanted to play >we told him to just pay up and leave >in the most serious voice he goes "i don't pay niggers"
  11. he thinks he's hot shit :)) @sleepy
  12. still have this problem i cant be bothered to delete the map so i just hop on a different server till map change 🤡
  13. are we gonna get skined classic knifes? instead of default
  14. you dont wanna hear this retard talk +REP
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