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  1. In-Game Name: e3 Kingsotn Steam ID: Steam_1:1:18622237 Name of the Admin that punished you: Satellite Reason why you got punished: 14 Mutes/Gags since appeal Length of your punishment: permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I've waited a long time for this i was waiting 2 days i got overwhelmed i started writing the appeal i put my heart into it I'm being fully honest. I really love your server i hope to be admin i hope to get ungagged i was toxic in the past but that is the past and I've changed over the months/weeks i hope to get ungagged and get
  2. neutral out of the time i knew you on jb you were a decent person i think it was just a bad day like bung said but i think you did wait enough time im going to keep it neutral just because you were a little toxic before you were banned
  3. chicken from kfc is on my mind

  4. Naruto is 102% best anime dragon ball super 101% uh oh i see zone coming towards me lol
  5. +rep he is a good friend in fortnite he isnt toxic i think by the time he waited he should be unbanned goodluck likeke Love, kenny
  6. +rep he is a really good person once you get to know him and i think 2 months and about 2 weeks is long enough he is also a really nice:) +rep
  7. +rep he is a really good person and friend and i beleive he can get admin good luck
  8. Neutral He waiting around 2 months when i waited a year and 4 months honestly i think he should wait longer depending on the chances of getting denied people didnt like you when you were toxic i may still be a little toxic but i took my chances of waiting a long time. Just wait a couple more months bud
  9. Hey i need a little help with my videos
  10. +rep he was very nice to me i bet he can be a very nice admin to good luck ❤️
  11. Hello guys im k3nny aka S Q U I N T I'm a SNG common player on jb and deathrun mostly everyone knows me and i play SNG for around 6-9 hours a day and I dont go to sleep. Im pretty UnKnoWn on the forums but yea hi <3.
  12. yo how much i can afford around 900 credits or 50-90k