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  1. +rep has experience on being admin and hes pretty active
  2. IvanPSY

    kz or jb

    at its prime yes, good old days
  3. What’s that, normie? Did you call me gay? I’m not gay. I’m the straightest goddamn person you’ve ever darn did see. I am such an overwhelming behemoth of pure masculinity, that I have to give the entire neighbourhood my cardio schedule. 3 runs a day, 4 on Tuesday, and a walk at 4:00 on Saturday. This way, the men can lock their doors, to prevent the females in the household from running out to me and trying to unclothe me so they can get a peek at my dong. It gets annoying sometimes, sure, but hey, at least I have the satisfaction of letting some stranger on the internet know I’m totally not gay. But I’d love to fuck a guy, just to see what it’s like.
  4. tHouGht tHEy wErE gOnNa bE rEAleASEd nExt WeEk?
  5. IvanPSY


    daz crazy gimme
  6. happy birthday to my favorite muslim on this server
  7. Reported for shitposting
  8. IvanPSY

    Selfie Topic

    needed an updated picture
  9. happy bday!

    come back :/

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