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  1. if you said waffle you’re literally the spawn of the devil
  2. +rep hes cool because he ghost pings me and it makes me feel loved
  3. Hi, my name is Ivan OR as people know me ass Ivan the Pussy Slayer, and this is my application to be in the XO crew group. Why am I fit to be in this group? As other people can vouch, I just love this man with a passion. not even on some homo shit, hes just so good at what he does and every single one of his albums he just sends me to another dimension I never thought an artist would ever do that to me but like damn he's just built different. I listen to him every single day and everytime he just hits different no matter how much I listen to him. Probably more than what most of the people here in this group do. gorgeous mf What are your Top 5 favorite songs? 1. Professional 2. Escape From LA 3. Wicked Games 4. The Knowing 5. Wanderlust In conclusion. I love his music and i need this tag:) xotwod <3
  4. IvanPSY

    JB undead?

    much rather have jb back than go to a semi populated server where people jump obstacles for fun
  5. +rep eu lad would be a good admin
  6. yk what +rep cuz if this man gets operator in a span of 5 months of being here im out
  7. hbd qt

    yall niggas too white for this nvm
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