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  1. happy burfdayΒ brotherΒ Β :FeelsBirthdayMan::blobdance:

  2. Damn :( Hope you’ll still play 10mans with us sometimes, GL
  3. There is also an exploit on ttt_splash where you can get under the map the map and shoot any player while the player can’t see you. I think Warden or someone tried fixing this exploit but it’s still there.
  4. fuck you

    happy bdayΒ :FeelsBirthdayMan::100cent:

  5. I’ve been going to the gym and dieting a lot, and all that hard working is starting to show results. Then it’s the usual school stuff (physics rly screwin me over rn) but that’s about it...
  6. happy bdayy!!Β :FeelsBirthdayMan:Β :50cent:

  7. smeg ma ballsΒ 

    happy bday!!Β :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  8. s.ss. ..... s.s.nake..

  9. happy bday woody!!Β :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  10. happy bday chicken!Β :FeelsBirthdayMan:Β :100cent:

  11. A couple of years ago, me and my friends went out to eat at a local burger place (we took like 3 cars). We had decided that after we were done eating, we would pull up to one of my friends house and watch a movie/play COD. On the way back, two of my friends that brought their cars wanted to race on an empty road (I was in the car behind the guys who were racing) and as they raced, a cop pulled up out of nowhere onto the street and both of my friends got pulled over. Luckily, both of them got warnings.
  12. please stop rdming me ty welcoome
  13. I’m guessing the player that RDM’d you didn’t leave (since you didn’t state nor specify) so the biggest punishment the player would get would probably be a slay. Resolved, yes?
  14. His existence. ty for giveaway
  15. Yeah motion shouldn’t even be banned for this lmfao @The Golden Medic I get that you think motion is an annoying retard but you shouldn’t go out of your way and always target him to try to get him banned for literally the smallest reason or no reason at all.
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