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  1. Boom is not a problematic player on the servers. He made one stupid mistake, realized his mistake, and corrected his mistake by taking the time into making an appeal and apologizing for his mistake. He definitely deserves a reduced ban/unban. +rep
  2. B0xerZ

    Happy burfday fish. Hope you have a good one g :pepecowboy: :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  3. Pretty sure this is called a Hyperscroll. Hyperscrolling is not allowed on our servers. Any form of external assistance for bhopping, etc is not allowed on our servers (macro, hyperscroll, etc). Don't wanna sound like a dick here but this does not help your ban appeal in any way. Everyone has the same chance of their appeals being accepted/denied and money or deeds don't increase/decrease those chances. Anyways, I'm gonna +rep this appeal because you acknowledged that you messed up and accepted the consequence, and also because you're really not a problematic player on the servers. GL
  4. who are you again ♿️🤡
  5. B0xerZ

    sng me me

    Vote for this one - https://imgur.com/FLyWDli (feels’s clown meme)
  6. this shit is so rigged only jako and yoseph win the raffles on the awp server
  7. Yeah I've muted him a couple times because he's always playing some retarded monkey shit through his mic. Should probably just hit him with a mute for a few days.
  8. B0xerZ

    Good Rules!

    Welcome to the forums brother. Make sure to stop by the AWP server sometime in the future!
  9. boxerz 1.1pound ban santa unban ele
  10. happy burfday brick :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  11. happy bday! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  12. Welcome to SNG, again. I’ll see you around on AWP! :)
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