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  1. Wouldn't really expect you to cheat but If you come clean, I wouldn’t mind an unban since you’re a pretty chill guy and never cause problems on the servers.
  2. welcome to the forums mane smile
  3. I’ve been either sleeping or playing AWP... I really wanna go out with friends and also to the gym but I kinda can’t 😔
  4. nigga who puts a bowl of fucking CEREAL in the MICROWAVE LMFAOOO
  5. You can check his previous ping(s) he had on our gameme page (Link) I’ve known you from the AWP server for some time and I don’t see a reason why you would cheat tbh. I also had my doubts about your ban and I thought it was a little sus but not enough to ban you. You really took your time and put effort into this appeal, and I hope you will be unbanned soon. +rep
  6. B0xerZ

    hi im weak

    Welcome to skymangaming... I hope you'll enjoy your stay here :)
  7. it's gonna die in like a month just like every cod kekw
  8. mic check dumb kneegah

    happy bday :peepoLove: :50cent:

    1. Bottomfraf


      ty bro

  9. B0xerZ

    Been a fun journey

    You were hella chill to talk to and it was very fun playing awp and other games with ya. Also, congrats on the promotion at work. Make sure to hop on the awp server or ts once in a while... GL with life 🙂
  10. ill miss you bro gl with college and all dat stuff

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