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  1. Mythin, Plastic, and Zurr are no longer super for AWP. Jordan just got super for AWP so as of right now we have 6 AWP supers.
  2. +rep Long time player on the server who is really committed to the gamemode as well. I definitely think he would be great as an operator for DR.
  3. B0xerZ

    Selfie Topic

    Kinda looks like you 😐🖕
  4. I personally don't think crunchy is scripting. I just think that he hit a few nice hops and that's about it. +rep for unban
  5. Maybe try hopping into TeamSpeak or Discord with your friend and a staff member and have you and your friend play on your own accounts to possibly prove that there are 2 different people playing on the accounts that were banned under the same IP.
  6. Kazma can be hella stupid at times but that’s just part of having fun. He’s a good guy with good intentions, very friendly, and does his best to enforce the rules. Definitely ready for admin. @KING KAZMA add me to your recs.
  7. You have a 6-core processor that literally uses the same socket as the newer Intel processors but has a couple less cores and a slightly lower frequency; not worth upgrading right now but if you want to, you should wait a couple years.
  8. In my opinion, I really don't think the "it'll kill the server" argument is valid considering most of the players on AWP who are non-prime are people on alt accounts or just blatant cheaters.
  9. Definitely SpongeBob
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