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Server Operator (Awp)
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Everything posted by B0xerZ

  1. From my experiences with you in TS and on the servers, I really think you need to be more relaxed. I agree with @DKMIP on the fact that you mute people for the slightest reasons and you even tend to hold grudges against players that you dislike. You're also fairly new to the MG server and don't really have a lot of experience so I think someone else with much more experience would be able to fill in the operator role. GL on your application,
  2. +rep Very well written appeal. Took responsibility, didn't make a huge fuss about it, and took care of the banned situation properly. Down for an unban!
  3. happy bday!! hope you like the bat soup i sent you :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  4. B0xerZ

    Who am I

    @rage tOGOtUMTCX9LB2mX.mp4
  5. Sorry I couldn't get a lot of video because my NVIDIA Shadowplay settings were all screwed up (I've been having issues with lag and I've been messing with drivers a lot). @rage said he has a lot of evidence and I'm pretty sure he will post it here shortly. In the video usually at the beginning of the round, you pretty much consistently hit all of your jumps going up the ramp. I was a tard a couple years ago and used a macro that pretty much did this when I went up ramps and I know that that is an immediate red flag. Theres no way you can consistently go up ramps hitting all your jumps and not mess up. Also, I know diamondz said that maybe you could do this by having mwheelup & mwheeldown +jump binds and just spamming scroll wheel, but I doubt that since you would most definitely mess your hops and double jump up those ramps and not be as consistent as you were in the video. Also this - @rage will post some more evidence here shortly.
  6. happy bday!!!! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  7. omgg happy bdayyy char :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  8. omggg happy bday!! :peepoLove:

  9. what the fuck are you saying???
  10. happy bdayyy brotha :peepoLove:


  11. I think both parties are in the wrong here (judging off of what I’ve read). I don’t care if you guys are messing around and having fun AS LONG as there are not other players on because that would cause a lot of confusion. I also know that you guys don’t do this type of shit unless if it’s just a select group of friends that are in TS together and are messing around. I think you guys should’ve just solved this problem in the ingame admin chat and/or PM’s. This report seems pretty stupid in my opinion. @M17 just going to say this here, please stop being nazi on TTT. I don’t have anything against you but everytime you’re on TTT, you just kill it by ruining the fun. Let other players have their fun, And especially in these times, TTT needs pop. You gotta be lax & stern when needed. @colinkr I already know that you know the rules on TTT. I think maybe next time just don’t do this type of stuff when other people are on.
  12. I didn't see anything wrong with my parts tbh except my GPU and RAM being a little underclocked but I did fix that with a bios update and a little overclock on my GPU core and memory using MSI Afterburner. I'm also on ethernet right now. I have my own router setup in my room. I have a NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 router. I really don't know how to monitor my internet. But one thing I did was that I disconnected all the devices connected to this router (which is like 4 or 5 devices) and I tried playing games and was still getting this lag. I've also fully reset the router by using the little reset button on the back, and also updated the firmware on the router. Haven't tried this. I can't really do it anyways since I don't have extra parts laying around.
  13. I've tried a lot of shit to try to get rid of this problem I've been having since like November or December of last year. This problem pretty much happens on any game I play, even was happening when I played scribble.io and the drawing froze for like 20 seconds. I've pretty much given up on trying to fix this problem so I'm just trying to see if anyone here can help me. Here's everything I've tried (at first I thought this was a graphics card issue as I my whole screen would freeze and I wouldn't be able to move around, but I would be able to bring up chat and press tab for the scoreboard) : - Fully wiping my PC with new windows install - Updated all drivers AND bios/firmware - Ran defraggler for my hard drive (drive with alll my games on it) If you look at my net_graph on my screen when I do get the lag, my ping doesn't shoot all the way up (it stays fairly consistent) and my connection from that information displayed by net_graph seems fine. I don't know what else I can do so if someone here could help me, I'd appreciate it.
  14. Go to your maps folder and delete the missing map from there (path below): Once you delete the map, rejoin the KZ server and see if you can download the map and load in. If that works, then you've fixed your problem. If it kicks you out of the server for the same missing map error, then try this --> Go to https://fastdl.skynetgaming.net/maps/ , download the map that is giving you the error and drag it into your maps folder. Once you do that rejoin the server and you should be able to load into the map.
  15. The event has ended. Congrats to these people who won - 1st Place: @BOT RACCOON - 4651 Kills 2nd Place: SaltyMeatBalls - 3756 Kills 3rd Place: Meli - 3049 Kills
  16. B0xerZ

    Hi I;m Fongle

    Welcome to the forums! I'll see you around on the AWP server :)
  17. It hasn't been a week buddy.
  18. Longtime AWP player who knows the rules for TTT & AWP and knows how to enforce them to the best of his abilities. He's always helping out admins with rulebreakers and he's always lax or stern when needed. I know @Loft will also keep him in check . Good luck on your application! :)
  19. Long time player who’s been dedicated to JB. Has a deep understanding of the game mode, very mature, and pretty active from what I’ve seen. 100% deserves it. +rep
  20. streetcred for my niggas @Jayyyyy
  21. ill take the pin thanks

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