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  1. happy bday!! <3

  2. Box


    hi im green now. 7
  3. Fully Carbon Fiber Novitec Ferrari 812 N-Largo or a Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670
  4. Derank Squad Player 1: @Box | STEAM_0:1:108896494 Player 2: @Sho | STEAM_0:1:459159886 Sub: @gavo | STEAM_0:0:434980229
  5. -rep I don’t doubt that you’d be helpful by giving more ideas, etc to the team. The problem I have though is the fact that I haven’t seen you change your behavior/attitude towards players on the forums and on servers from when you were denied mentorship team.
  6. Player Name Box Steam ID STEAM_0:1:108896494 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/Boxeeh Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 What is your current rank? Operator (AWP) Why would you be a good fit for Interview Team? I feel I would be a good fit for interview team because I have a really good understanding of all the game modes and rules of our server
  7. Box

    JB undead?

    JB and TTT are literally servers that pop because of friend groups. Those servers are not like AWP where anyone can hop on and have fun. Also, there’s many reasons to why JB died. It’s a combination of friend groups either quitting or getting “bullied” (not bullied but getting targeted by admins and given punishments) out of the server, admins not willing to pop the server and the fact that some admins literally don’t know when to be lax/stern, and also the old players that made the server fun quitting or getting banned. Also I wouldn’t say that colin is the sole reason for JB dying.
  8. DSR also goes invisible sometimes (mentioned in the last meeting). @ Diam0ndz
  9. this dude is 4'11 and the second worst PNG admin (exiled is the worst....) +rep
  10. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you taunt players like this but honestly this really shows how immature you are. -rep
  11. Gonna be taking a break from video games (not just SNG) for 3-4 months because of school, exams, and eventually college. I really need to do whats best for my future and I definitely think that college is a top priority. I'll come onto the servers/TS whenever I have free time (weekends usually) but I'll still be fairly active in discord.

    Hope everyone has a good rest of their day :)

    1. RealBox


      Hope everything goes well for you dude!

  12. Previous super admin for AWP but went inactive (on servers, but checked forums sometimes) because of IRL stuff going on. Ever since he’s been playing this past week he’s been constantly on and because of his recent activity he’s been able to help pop the server much more and also fairly early in the day. I would definitely like to see him as a super admin again. Good luck! :)