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  1. this dude is 4'11 and the second worst PNG admin (exiled is the worst....) +rep
  2. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you taunt players like this but honestly this really shows how immature you are. -rep
  3. Gonna be taking a break from video games (not just SNG) for 3-4 months because of school, exams, and eventually college. I really need to do whats best for my future and I definitely think that college is a top priority. I'll come onto the servers/TS whenever I have free time (weekends usually) but I'll still be fairly active in discord.

    Hope everyone has a good rest of their day :)

    1. (Snail)


      Hope everything goes well for you dude!

  4. Previous super admin for AWP but went inactive (on servers, but checked forums sometimes) because of IRL stuff going on. Ever since he’s been playing this past week he’s been constantly on and because of his recent activity he’s been able to help pop the server much more and also fairly early in the day. I would definitely like to see him as a super admin again. Good luck! :)
  5. happy bday qt :peepoLove: :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  6. Hey everyone! The SNG Event Team will be hosting weekly community events and we want your recommendations on what event(s) you would be interested in. These events will be held every week on a Saturday at 9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST. Please make sure to check this post every week as the post & poll will be reset and there will be a new selection of events for everyone to vote for. This week’s event is undecided but it will be held on Saturday, September 26th @ 9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST. Discord announcement(s) will be made in the SNG Discord server when the event will start. Also there will be a lot of people in TeamSpeak participating in the event so if you want, you can join our TeamSpeak (IP: ts3.skynetgaming.net) to converse with everyone else involved (Note: It is not a requirement to join TeamSpeak in order to participate). If you have any questions or event suggestions, you can contact any Event Team member ( @ Diam0ndz @ Hachi @Klitch @Noodlesssss @KING KAZMA @rage @Box ) Have fun everyone! Weekly Mini Events post by Noodlesssss.
  7. Box

    RTX 30'S

    From the performance graph(s) provided by NVIDIA, RTX 3000 looks fuckin insane (F's in chat for people who bought 2080's ) I have a GTX 1080 right now and I'm definitely going to update. Probably gonna get the RTX 3080 but I know most people will go for the RTX 3070 since it's literally a 2080ti for $499... Can't wait for more benchmarks to come out from third parties like Linus, Bitwit, JayzTwoCents, etc. Here are a couple pretty good videos on the new RTX 3000 -
  8. +rep Tbh should’ve applied much earlier... I feel like he’s been admin ready for a long time.
  9. happy bday kek :peepoLove::FeelsBirthdayMan:

  10. I think everyone here can agree that you need to change your attitude. Many people, including myself, have told you to chill out on the servers multiple times but I haven't seen that happen at all. You still continue to be very nazi on TTT and in reality that just makes many people not want to play TTT when you are on. Now when it comes to experience and having knowledge in TTT, I think you do quite well in that area. You've been playing for years and with that experience you've gained a lot of knowledge in TTT. If you can get your attitude straight on the servers and show me and others that you can change it, I would be willing to +rep this but as of right now, it is a -rep... Good luck on your application
  11. please fix the topic title spooky u absolute pepega

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