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  1. have you tried turning off and on again then shooting it with a .50cal and buying a new PC cause your gpu is fucked
  2. hbd mythin

  3. HBD rat

  4. hbd man

  5. Happy Birthday:pepecowboy:

  6. happy birthday man

    have a good one stay safe

  7. Ayyyy

    HBD main!!:POGGERSXD: Advisor tings



  8. hbd men:HYPERS:

  9. +rep holy shit finally a good appeal thank you for owning up to your mistakes and being truthful.
  10. +rep Very capable great guy have no doubt that he will do great in this position
  11. Mythin

    Hi I;m Fongle

    welcome to the forums if you have any questions or need any help feel free to dm me!
  12. it's not hard to shoot someone in the air when theyre hardly moving especially if you wait till they arent looking at you just seems like you are giving to much credit to the prop booster
  13. if you know someone is watching just shoot them youre a T if the dude is an inno or detective shoot him simple as that
  14. I think in this case the sky is something I would classify as one area because of the significance of the prop boost The T wouldn't be the one delaying in this situation it would be the inno's because the T is actively looking for the inno's but if you seriously have a problem with a dude doing it every round you could ask him politely to not use that specific prop boost as it is causing delays in the round or if he continues you can beacon him which I've seen done in the past with these types of problems

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