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  1. I'm definitely better looking let's be real
  2. HTML CSS <------ basic bitch languages Javascript <----- Little Less Basic Bitch Learning robot C, C#, and C++ Also Learning Python, and Ruby and i dont have anything Ive made thats not pure school work or test websites I can make stuff if you want later this week
  3. Player Name TheGoldenMedic Steam ID STEAM_0:1:103137406 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166540541 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 What is your current rank? Council Link to your git account https://github.com/TheGoldenMedic Reason you wish to become a Prospective Developer? I want to do Programming for a living and this is a good place to help learn and improve the knowledge i have already. Do you have any prior experience managing CSGO servers Nope  Have you resolved any bug or suggestion trackers? Nope  Are you interested in potentially moving up as a Developer within this community? Yes  Are you willing to follow our guidelines and procedures given for the resources you will be using? Yes ofc
  4. Also love you warden <3 hope you have a good time this holiday season bro
  5. literally not at all what happened
  6. Dawg i was just taking what @Sunless said, he said it happened and that no one was doing anything ybn and sunless talked about it. Sunless's exact words were "I told @Mythin about it he he said he wouldn't do anything." which wasn't true because i talked about it to him afterwards and if i had known what Mythin told me before i wouldn't have messaged @ proobs 🎃 in the first place. I didnt understand why sunless wasn't doing anything so i poked proobs to ban the guy taking what sunless had. I'm just a middle man so go to Sunless fam, not me. P.S. (I sent the video to proobs with his steamid so he could see what sunless was talking about)
  7. I luv your dumbass dawg, but you knew better than to make the joke i hope the no-chance for appeal gets lifted so you can comeback someday soon until then brother
  8. even if he read the rules he wouldn't have known it was against the rules unless he knew that it was hyper-scrolling which judging by his appeal it seems he doesn't. He seems genuine about not understanding the rules per say I'm down for an unban +rep
  9. damn you kinda lookin thicc in that pfp baby girl :eyes:

  10. this is a picture of @erik :]
  11. Now this, this is loss.. joking aside i think wooper could could be very useful like a small pack mule or like a pelican +rep
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