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  1. +rep to my boy plastic, hes been playing for a long time and has done well with his part of being an admin he deserves the spot to be honest.
  2. Gotta find someone with bob added to get them both on
  3. Minigames is back, however o believe you need to show you are active before staff will look at this app.
  4. You were associated with people who harassed Diam0ndz.... ye thad a no from me dawg and you wanna know a little secret? Instead of just saying you dont play with those guys anymore you could have apologized meaningfully to Diam0ndz and then talked about those guys, that would have been the most mature option you have right now but that little thing you missed shows you dont regret anything from that time which means you are more likely the same type if dude you were before your ban, than not. So with all this I think this man needs more time then let him come back, legitimate bullies to people online should not be tolerated here you are useless to this community and arent mature enough to even play with the 9 year olds who play on JB, come back in a few months show improvement and maturity and I think it will be easier for most to except you back.
  5. I got you fam add me on steam.
  6. +rep no you're breathtaking, <3 but i'm wearing socks so no homo, def would be good admin he enforces the rules very well, so well sometimes he cant see through memes but that can be looked past.
  7. It was obvious you guys were meming but there was no way Comf could've known that for sure, and either way you did break the rules meme or not so there is 0 reason this complaint is even valid as Comf did what she was supposed to do but the fact that you even made this complaint in the first place is the biggest meme of all, especially over a 1 hour ban, I've never met you before but this post has given me an easy to read summary of your personality and its not a good one evidence has been shown i don't see why @proobs hasn't just locked this and moved it yet. P.S. good job @Comf you made a good call.
  8. Give this man Director and Adviser asap
  9. these 2 post sum up my life
  10. they act like a cock ring but for your finger penis
  11. And comf the drawing are well done good job, however i will say THERE WAS 0 REASON TO MAKE THIS NOR' DOES IT GIVE ANY REASONS NOT TO HAVE NIGHTMARES AND A HAND FETISH so i would appreciate it if this question was lost to time
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