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  1. even if he read the rules he wouldn't have known it was against the rules unless he knew that it was hyper-scrolling which judging by his appeal it seems he doesn't. He seems genuine about not understanding the rules per say I'm down for an unban +rep
  2. damn you kinda lookin thicc in that pfp baby girl :eyes:

  3. this is a picture of @erik :]
  4. Now this, this is loss.. joking aside i think wooper could could be very useful like a small pack mule or like a pelican +rep
  5. 2 things here. 1. You are obviously lying about having roommates because I can tell you right now no one makes an account just to cheat on csgo and then not try to play on their main afterwards. And I'm sure they wpuldve known you played on those servers because who has roommates who play the same games as you and you dont play with them from time to time, and then didnt tell you he got banned, also why havent you appealed before? Why didnt you think to do so when it happened? My guess is you realized you fucked up on your other account and just came to terms with it. But the biggest thing here like jen pointed out is that your ip is the same.... sorry but if you moved it wouldnt be the same that's just not how this thing works bud, 2. I would say if you had just come clean it wouldve been easier on everyone and maybe you wouldve even gotten unbanned idk but you lied so I would say staff will no longer care unless you pull magical proof out of your ass that it was someone else who cheated and somehow you magically have the same up address as before... so goodluck bud peace.
  6. Here is your steam ID STEAM_1:1:87847663 and also there's no record that I could find of you being banned, also it was most likely duplicate accounts you were banned for, which means you were playing on an already banned ip address.... so someone else on your internet was banned then you attempted to play. But I guess that doesnt matter if you arent even banned anymore maybe staff can find something I can't since I'm on my phone 🤔
  7. 😘 guess I gotta find a way to knife you on the forums too Wow... just a like not even a pepelove I am beyond hurt rn
  8. This is a problem I have heard before in many PCs using realtek audio chips and some soundblaster cards (very rarely the cards tho) but this is an issue where I've heard both complete sound loss or in usual cases the sound quiets its self down to a minimal audio level. This funnily enough may actually be intentional if it is what I'm thinking of where your pc whenever restarded turns down the volume on it's own when it believes it's too loud and does this over and over again until the audio is basically non existent, now if it is this I've read and heard of a few fixes so hopefully these help. 1. Right click on the speaker icon on the task bar choose sounds click on playback scroll through the list until you locate speakers, right click properties click the enhancements tab at the bottom of the list should be Loudness Equation, enable that and then see if it's any better. 2. If the driver is old enough, then it can be that it is not properly signed. Try Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement at startup, by: Go to advanced recovery: Press Shift + Restart, advanced Options, advanced Startup Settings, Press 7 -> Disable Driver Signature Enforcement, try reinstalling the driver once more to see if that works. If it doesn't work, try installing the driver manually. Go ahead and grab from the web the drivers and unzip them somewhere. Open device manager (Win Key + m), look for the device and right click on it and select Update Driver SoSoftwarethen browser to folder, and look for the driver's files, press next and let it update. 3. If those dont work then the last thing I know of is in some cases just restarting your pc without your headphones plugged in can let it restart and fix itself. That's really all I got, I had to check the internet before I put those up there to hopefully that's all right and I hope it helps.
  9. rip thats not what i meant im just retarded most of the time, i changed it to what i meant lol
  10. First it doesn't matter if you have played for years if you take a break you are inactive end of story, and with JB the tracker fucked up and i see that now, however you should check your facts before you say someone else is wrong. Both of these are from the timetracker we use and this starts tracking August 13th (for everyone) however you still have under 2 hours on both servers and this is you soooo.... sorry dont know where you got your information from because you certainly have less time in those servers than you think.
  11. Ooof well dawg you kind of just admitted to ban evading which on it's own can destroy a ban appeal, I'm gonna be honest tho I read you appeal and it was well written and you seemed sincere but I dont know if everyone was aware that you evaded during this so I'm gonna @ Diam0ndzfor his input but I'm feeling like your gonna have wait out the 4 weeks bud sorry this ones all on you.
  12. Leaning -rep for a few reasons first your post were spammed some barely even a sentence in length, Second you have only been playing actively for 2 weeks you shouldve waited a while before applying, Third you said in your app you are active on TTT, AWP, JB, and MG... but you literally have 0 time logged on JB and only an hour on both AWP and MG that's saying that if you've played everyday since you stated you would played both servers for a little over 4 minutes a piece... sorry I dont call that active on any of those 3, you do have a decent amount of time on TTT I will give you that bit dont say your active on servers you arent and for I think you should take some time before you become admin and then come back and re-apply.
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