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The Golden Medic

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  1. BRUH LMAO WTF IS THIS nah touchy clearly isnt cheating dawg +rep for the unban
  2. I hate to say it but hes ready +rep dont fuck up curry and dont be retarded you have a tendency to be retarded sometimes so dont anymore.
  3. Hey Guys! I've noticed a good handful of people talking about wanting to bring back Movie and Karaoke Nights. I wanted to know if anyone else was interested and if so how many their were, tbh I plan doing these no matter the results (unless literally no one wants them) but this will just help me see how many people will show up, when and how often we should do it.
  4. If anyone should get this its hellhound I know this man will do right by the server.
  5. Player Name TheGoldenMedic Steam ID STEAM_0:1:103137406 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166540541 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Why would you be a good Operator? I have been more invested in the entire community since i came back, I switched to event team in the recent months so i could be more involved and i have felt great getting to learn how to make the community more vibrant and fun to play, now that operator has opened on Deathrun (one of the Alpha servers might I add) I feel i am ready to do even more for the Community and I believe i can keep the community that has formed around DR healthy and happy. Do you understand you the role that Deathrun Operator plays in SNG? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  6. You look like the the kid that falls down the stairs and no one helps and you just get stepped on
  7. His friend was on his other account. I dunno this situation kinda smells like fucking fish to me.
  8. Silly kazma admins for kids "insert image of pedophile rabbit from twix" Nah but +rep to kazma hes an old player that's still fun to have around and knows the rules
  9. Hello everyone, Now that Deathrun is back up and fully functional, the event team thought that it would be prime time for an event! Up to 30 players will be competing for a 63,000 credit prize pool and VIP (details below)! The date will be January 11th a saturday so mark your calendars! Details/Rules: For every 15 runners we will have 1 death( 1 - 15 Runners = 1 T, 16 - 30 Runners = 2 Ts). Ts will be pre-determined and will receive no rewards for participating. This event will be a point based system: Finishers will receive a base of 5 points. The first finisher of the map will receive an extra 2 points. The second will receive one extra point. Every 5 seconds after the first runner crosses the end, one point will be taken off of your base points. (e.g. if you finish in 3rd, you could receive 0 points if you finish 25 seconds after the first runner finished.) We will be playing on 3 maps, each with 5 rounds making a total of 15 rounds to earn points. If the T is killed at the end of the course and the round finishes, all players who have not crossed the finish will earn 0 points that run (think Mario Kart “ran out of time”). Prizes: 1st: $20(donated from wooper), 20,000 credits + VIP (3 months) OR 6,000 credits if already VIP 2nd: $10(donated from wooper),15,000 credits + VIP (2 months) OR 4,000 credits if already VIP 3rd: $5(donated from wooper), 7,000 credits + VIP (1 month) OR 2,000 credits if already VIP 4th-10th: 3,000 credits To enter, reply with the form below: In-Game Name: SteamID: Credit - Hachi for editing post and Diam0ndz and Hunter for helping me plan
  10. I'm definitely better looking let's be real
  11. HTML CSS <------ basic bitch languages Javascript <----- Little Less Basic Bitch Learning robot C, C#, and C++ Also Learning Python, and Ruby and i dont have anything Ive made thats not pure school work or test websites I can make stuff if you want later this week
  12. Player Name TheGoldenMedic Steam ID STEAM_0:1:103137406 Steam Profile URL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166540541 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 What is your current rank? Council Link to your git account https://github.com/TheGoldenMedic Reason you wish to become a Prospective Developer? I want to do Programming for a living and this is a good place to help learn and improve the knowledge i have already. Do you have any prior experience managing CSGO servers Nope  Have you resolved any bug or suggestion trackers? Nope  Are you interested in potentially moving up as a Developer within this community? Yes  Are you willing to follow our guidelines and procedures given for the resources you will be using? Yes ofc
  13. Also love you warden <3 hope you have a good time this holiday season bro
  14. literally not at all what happened
  15. Dawg i was just taking what @Sunless said, he said it happened and that no one was doing anything ybn and sunless talked about it. Sunless's exact words were "I told @Mythin about it he he said he wouldn't do anything." which wasn't true because i talked about it to him afterwards and if i had known what Mythin told me before i wouldn't have messaged @ proobs 🎃 in the first place. I didnt understand why sunless wasn't doing anything so i poked proobs to ban the guy taking what sunless had. I'm just a middle man so go to Sunless fam, not me. P.S. (I sent the video to proobs with his steamid so he could see what sunless was talking about)
  16. I luv your dumbass dawg, but you knew better than to make the joke i hope the no-chance for appeal gets lifted so you can comeback someday soon until then brother
  17. even if he read the rules he wouldn't have known it was against the rules unless he knew that it was hyper-scrolling which judging by his appeal it seems he doesn't. He seems genuine about not understanding the rules per say I'm down for an unban +rep
  18. this is a picture of @erik :]
  19. Now this, this is loss.. joking aside i think wooper could could be very useful like a small pack mule or like a pelican +rep

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