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  1. Happy bday bro!!

    1. B0xerZ ๐ŸŽƒ

      B0xerZ ๐ŸŽƒ

      Thanks skewbs!ย :pepecowboy:

  2. huge +rep Bottomfrag is a very good admin and is on pretty much all the time. If anyone is to deserve super, it's this guy! Get a mic so I can hear that sexy voice of yours ;).
  3. skewby

    Giveaway :)

    A tarantula can survive for more than 2 years without eating crazy bro
  4. skewby


    Im going to DisneyLand so i hope that'll be fun.
  5. skewby

    Gifts for ur mum

    My mom's going out to eat with my grandma and uncle, but I got her a necklace.
  6. Congrats new orange man
  7. I care about the friends and family that have a positive impact on my life
  8. When we were playing, there were multiple times when warden was getting killed and you were killing any t that was getting close to you. I gave you multiple warnings not to do it and that it was against the rules, yet you still continued to do it. I do feel that I have made the ban too long though. Thats my fault.
  9. I want a better computer and shoes Dont have bo4
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