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jesus on amotorbike

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  1. Sarcasm. I’ll admit it didn’t sound sarcastic tho
  2. probs cuz you got toggle rank display in !gameme turned off. Just go to the last page on !gameme and toggle it
  3. yo keen btw Jim’s team has 3 of the top 5 on the server soooo rip
  4. New replacement for summer i see! Yeah. you’ve been in the server for a long time, definitely would rock as an admin. Good to see you encouraging Au people to hop on the forums as well!
  5. YES WE NEED VIETNAM BACK p.s i didnt see that much people camping, it has a layout exactly the same as other current maps such as awp_india snow, i also think lego 2015 was a camping map though, people would hide in the bunkers on the side.
  6. Yeah whats up ive been playing on au awp for a long time just wanna see what people think of me feel free to criticise me
  7. Thanks, it has been downloaded and I can use it in game, turns out it worked when I restarted csgo.
  8. Do sprays take a day or so after uploading them before you can use them in game?

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