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    Trial Admin - AU AWP
  • Birthday 11/25/2004

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    Australia - Perth
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    Spiders - Games - Computers - Money - Sniping - Bush - Camping

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday brother


    1. Smiles


      Thanks man! Good luck on Operator

  3. I know CS:GO is boring at times (this is exactly why I play so many other games) but...

    happy birthday, if you still lurk forums

    1. Smiles


      Thanks Warden. I still come on the forums from time to time, Im same as you i play so many other games

  4. happy bday brother

    1. Smiles


      Thanks man. Missing ya

  5. Hbd kiddo

    1. Smiles


      Thanks Man. Thanks for being ma mentor

  6. HBD aussie <3 

    1. Smiles


      Thanks bro, missing ya and ur dr

  7. I honestly don't know why @woods is an admin. I mean he doesn't: Go on any servers, be active on forums or either takes any effort or attention to his server that he's admin for (AU Surf)
  8. Yeah @August may as well kill Deathrun (AU) and KZ (AU)
  9. Oh dear... It's finally happening 


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Trumpet


      This is truly epic. 

    3. Poi


      I rather watch Nigahiga's fortnite movie damn it.

    4. Smiles


      @Spk Sorry to tell you brother but it ain't fake

  10. Smiles

    new color yuh

    Congrats bro! I'm so glad you made it! I knew you could. Hope it gets better for you in the future!

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