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  1. Hbd Ron!


  2. Rich

    Happy Birthday!

  3. HBD u actual retard

  4. fuck u but Happy Birthday

  5. -rep you constantly ask other admins to do your work for you. I feel that you need a lot more growth before becoming a super admin.
  6. Ron


    congrats noodless I love you full homo
  7. Ron

    free money

    Why you gotta resign
  8. Ron

    Selfie Topic

    I play defense mainly, but I've started to play more midfield lately
  9. Ron

    Selfie Topic

    Yessir I came from Long Island in New York but moved when I was young and have been here ever since
  10. Ron

    Selfie Topic

    I’ve been considering posting on the selfie topic for a while and since i’m putting my instagram on my steam profile I figured no better time than now. I’m the one on the left and I think this picture was like a couple months ago in the spring. I am 14 btw so that’s why I look pretty young. :)
  11. +rep has held the position before and has become more active lately Love you <3
  12. changing mine to neutral the way you've reacted to people's constructive critcism is not at all how I viewed you. I think you need more time as a player before applying


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