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  1. ed!


    I was a og and u forgot me..
  2. it was nice knowing yall as a community ( EXPECIALLY JB COMMUNITY). its my time to give up my admin spot and give it to someone else. im gonna miss yall @JBPLAYERS @TTTPLAYERS @AWPPLAYERS and overall this whole community i will miss goodbye everyone ;( (starting to stick to basketball)
  3. Real name is Edward so i just took out ward and just did ed
  4. yes +rep, luv u bb <3 hes been in this server for long time
  5. freeze tag gives me aids, take it out. i wanted it out ever since it came in the game tbh..
  6. helz yes (+rep) when im on hes chill af, ill tell you that. He is active and I don't mind having another super admin for kz! (u bot )
  7. you sound 14 but i feel ur pain, people say i sound like im 25, but im rlly just 14. besides the point, ur chill and u know the rules and is a long known on the jb server. would love this dude to be admin! +rep youngest admin???
  8. can someone close/deny this application, ima just stay server for couple more months. prob years i feel better being a server tbh...
  9. @proobsit says "Main is Jb" ur brain, use it..
  10. Player Name +rj Steam ID STEAM_0:1:223285281 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198406836291/ Age 14 Why would you be a good admin? Because, ive been on these servers for up to almost a year and a half. Even though servers are down, my activity is good on fourms and will be also active on servers once they get up. But besides the point, activity is good, familiar with the rules. Active Servers jb
  11. i found it when i looked up a 1v1 server, and the server was pretty chill. so i desided to look for more sng servers. than i came across TTT. TTT was fun and is still kinda fun, but after I found TTT, i saw JB. And from that point on, i decided to stick with jb cuz of how fun it was.
  12. WINNER IS @Tay , CONGRATS! HMU FOR YOUR USP'S FOR PROOF - https://gyazo.com/6020cd7a147813301b2fdaea3ba042f5
  13. aye twisty u can send me a instrumental version of Spacecoupe that beat hit hard af