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  1. seems like he will be a decent op, fix that ping tho.. :o
  2. wow you guys have insane speeds, my download is like 30mbps xD
  3. yvng choc

    Bhop or Surf

    simply which do you prefer? Bhop or Surf personally i like bhopping
  4. ok thanks for the info. about Tuesdays @Munckey btw when are you getting your admin tag on forums? smiles has it and he isnt even admin anymore smh
  5. join the fro bros too summer
  6. great idea! i would for sure join and play hopefully we can implement this soon sorry just had to say it's an*
  7. yvng choc


    ayyy what up indian, you're nasty with an AWP and welcome!! i just joined the forums too
  8. yvng choc

    Hey Guys!

    whats good guys, im an active player on the AU AWP server and i just now got onto forums Im liking it so far, just wanted to say hello to all of you <3
  9. im pretty active on the AU AWP server aswell, MtB is correct in saying that smiles is simply not fit for this job, Munckey however, although called out for hacking, would most likely do a great job in his admin role as he is also older and more mature than smiles. I understand that there weren't any other applicants but hopefully smiles isn't kept in this position for long Thanks guys

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