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  1. Not a few hours early for me :> 

    happy birthday ! 

  2. Its Dark, pretty sure he changed his name +rep He is a great person and knows the rules well , I cant speak on activity since Im still on vacation but he is a great candidate. gl
  3. Don’t really know the situation but I’ve played with him for like 4-5 months and even with slight toxicity here and there he was pretty chill. I haven’t seen him recently though due to me being on vacation. Neutral for now
  4. Aww that sucks. Come back safely and visit JB when you come back 

  5. +rep Very helpful and kind to people and answers questions when needed. He knows what he is doing and definitely deserves op. GL
  6. One of the more passionate applicants about ttt and seeing it thrive. Along with the other 2, he would make a great operator. GL
  7. +rep The oldest super admin out of the current ones and is very qualified for the position .
  8. Just going to say that If im not mistaken Kel’s sodality app was declined because sodality isn’t a rank anymore. Edit: it says on his app that it was denied because sodality was removed and he can apply for admin if he likes...
  9. Writing this so people know that I’m going to be inactive for the next 6 weeks on the servers due to me going on vacation. I’ll still be semi active on the forums and discord but for the most part going to be MIA. See you all in 6 weeks!

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    2. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      I was just gone for 1 week. Have fun!

    3. Bottomfraf


      gonna miss u ;(

    4. The Golden Medic

      The Golden Medic

      Writes post, still gets demoted for inactivity.

  10. +rep One of the most active people and knows the rules well. Just get a damn mic.
  11. I know I don't have the 400 post requirement, but between both of the resets, I have lost around 200ish posts so take that as you will. In Game Name: HellHound Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96408404 Server You Are Applying For (Must be server you are currently Super Admin For): Jailbreak Do you agree to equip the 「§NG」| tag if accepted?: Yes List below reasons why you deserve the position and separates you from other candidates: I love jailbreak and its community and want to see it grow and prosper. I know the player base very well as well as being very familiar with the rules and the intricacies of them. I'm fairly active on the servers and forums along with TS even though that doesn't matter too much, I am pretty well known in the community and can respond to pretty much any question asked to me. Also, once there are meetings again I am able to attend them every time unless a personal issue arises. I can also usually respond to messages and questions quickly due to me having quite a bit of free time. I want the jailbreak server to continue to thrive and becoming operator will help me do so. There isn't much that separates me from other candidates but I believe that I am very capable of handling the position and can solve problems and such that arise in a timely manner. What changes will you make to the server and will make you a good Operator?: There isn't much that is needed to change as of right now that isn't already in either suggestions or being currently changed by @ Diam0ndz. They only thing that I would like to see changed would be the Rebel LR option which was also stated by @Extacy in his post. I think that it needs to at least have more health than an average T by probably around 100-150 Just so the T has at least a chance with all of the CTs Staring at them obviously it wouldn't be a good option to choose if there is like 7-10 CTs left. But with just a small health boost it would let you have a chance against them. List all changes you would like to make now or in the future in your position as operator. List maps you will add or remove that will make the server more enjoyable. ADD: I don't feel like there needs to be any more maps as there are already so many underplayed decent maps. REMOVE: Right now the only map I could think to remove would beba_jail_AnttideA_A099 as it has a confusing main cell block and even though there is a few good games on this map, other than the fact that it is never played, has a lot of visual bugs and areas where you can see into other parts of the map. On top of that, there is a ton of wasted space on this map where you could get lost, and some places that may look like it could be a game but really just a place where props were spammed down to fill in a area of the map. List rules you would like to change if any. Right now there is not any rules that I would change as they have already been very revised by proobs, lex, and chicken. The only thing that could be changed would be clarification in the rules.
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