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  1. Proobs a real nigga I been his number 1 fan since day 1! He coolest monkey in skynet gaming pls give root
  2. a server with 3 different gamemodes... The server would have a shit ton of plugins for all the different gamemodes. the tick rate of the server would have to change from 102.4 on surf and 128 on sk and dr. When I join a server trying to surf... if the map changed and went to dr I would disconnect Headassssss
  3. it was dead af... make a retro csurf server
  4. Was your high school fucking aushwitz??they need to feed you nigga
  5. I don’t play anything anymore but growing up I played baseball from little league to jv my freshman year, I also played hockey from mites until bantams, and I played lacrosse from 5th grade to junior year. i also played soccer but that shit gay and didn’t last long... I just liked slide tackling kids and breaking shins
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  7. Pink Princess


    jasmine really got me... I thought she was the one
  8. how u sleep wit creeper blanket 😧 too scary for me
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