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  1. Day 1: 1) waffle fries 2) none to my knowledge 3) organized to a point but some things I don't care enough to be organized about Day 2: 1) same as noobsauce, no one has complained so I assume no. 2) any chicken topping is better than anything else I've had on pizza tbh 3) I have thalassophobia which is the fear of water. Essentially, if I can't see what is potentially under me or around me in water it freaks me out super hard. It's also specifically water, it doesn't happen in the dark or anything, just bodies of water. Happens even in pools when obviously there's nothing there, or in games with bodies of water I get scared to explore past them.
  2. Wow, that is great to hear it is really cool that you got denied my good friend Nak. I hope I get to see you not apply soon and keep the position of member. Like you didn't want!
  3. REMOVED MAPS deathrun_rainbowland_fixed - actually disgusting map, hurt my eyes. deathrun_castlerun_v4 - we had two in the files, this one is substantially shorter than the other. ADDED MAPS deathrun_cartoon - adding back this good beginner map deathrun_astro - another simple quick map dr_n4x_dres0x_fix3 - one of the better maps fixed by diamonds a while ago. UPCOMING CHANGES work with developers (extacy and diamonds) to add a better timer system similar to what we have on bhop. if copy and paste-able would be a nice start. work with developers to rework our !dice effects to add a more fun casual system rather than a 50/50 good or bad, no one ever feels good to just die from using it. work with upcoming mappers or learn to port popular deathrun maps over from other source games such as garry's mod, an example being deathrun_portal and of course a leader board system that many of us have wanted for a long while that has been put on pause but I would still like to prioritize its completion. Lastly if anyone has any suggestions please just mention them. They can be anything that you think will help improve the server, regardless of your rank it will be in consideration at the very least. DM me or post in this thread even, changes that you'd like to see. Thank you all for this opportunity to operate the deathrun server, I hope to do well in the future. Have a great night everyone : )
  4. nom


    1. HellHound



    2. Diam0ndz


      he hungy

  5. any satanists in the chat?
  6. wooper


    you're my favorite person to play ttt with ;-; hf gamer see you around still : )
  7. a few things. 1. "What changes would you make to the mapcycle, if any, to make the server more enjoyable?" means to actually list the maps, and not say that you'll do it later. Also to note we'd need more mappers for porting some Gmod specific maps. 2. you should probably note out the details you want for the changes in here instead of having us DM you them considering it's an application. 3.Unrelated but I'm getting mad flashbacks from when brogan got chosen as operator strictly because of playtime when he had a similarly lacking application and history will probably repeat itself anyway. Overall +rep because no matter who operator is I'll still see the changes that I want for the server as shown by the applications.
  8. +rep I know whoever gets op DR is in good hands!
  9. as the title entails. mine's chatot he's a good birdie
  10. Just a reminder that a server can only have 4 super spots currently. Since DR has noobsauce hellhound and myself that only leaves one spot open. Personally I’d say +rep but that’d be all the super spots for any future applicants until anything changes. (also @ Diam0ndz @broge when the timer was added you should've made a post that it was a thing, or put it anywhere really because I am confident no one else knew about it, DM me how to add the zones and hellhound and I will zone all of them in like a day when the server isn't popped.)
  11. Player Name wooper Steam ID STEAM_0:1:215272159 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/plsnoddosihavenofamilyxd Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 21 Why would you be a good Operator? Due to my years of playing the SNG deathrun server, my willingness to stay with the community through my discord ban and me still wanting to see deathrun in its former glory I feel I am still a good candidate for the operator spot for deathrun. I do however feel my activity has been an issue, but in response, with the latest changes I do intend to play the server itself more, and am already spending time on it since the update. With operator I plan to work with the developers in order to get a few new things added to the server to help revitalize interest in the game mode on our servers. 1. that dang in the planning phase point and leader board system to add a competitive nature to the mode. 2. more !dice changes, this is such a fun feature that no one uses. It'd be a fun casual aspect to improve upon. In detail I'd want no big punishments like auto death, add more meme options or more advantages for the player. 3. make playing T more rewarding, perhaps giving more points on the leader board for winning as T, as well as increasing the amount of credits you get for being on T. This won't help new players want to play on T side but it is a step forward. 4. unfortunately our lineup of mappers are lacking, but if we can get mappers to be willing to work on more simple speedrunnable maps like diamonds or brogan had made for new players to get the hang of the game mode and for experienced players to quick map to grind points on if they want. Thankfully we have a lot of maps like that currently but more will never hurt the server. 5. Talked about this before but possibly a timer like bhop, however with how the game mode inherently works you'd only get a better personal best on freeruns which takes away from the game mode's actual game part. Will want community feedback after the leader board has been implemented to see if this is a desirable feature. edit; a reworked timer because apparently all the current one does is track the time and not put it anywhere to make it competitive like the bhop one does which is what I'd want. and lastly as always I'd love to hear and implement other's suggestions as long as developers are willing to work with me on changes :) What changes would you make to the mapcycle, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? Originally during diamondz operator time our goal was to clean the map pool in order to have the "best of DR" maps. Which was a complete success. We probably thread it too thin as there are some maps that were pointed out by others that I agree are good for the server. + deathrun_cartoon + deathrun_astro What rule changes would you make, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? none atm. Some rules may be desired to change down the line with the new population of deathrun, but currently we have good general rules. Do you understand you the role that Deathrun Operator plays in SNG? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes Lastly, thank you all for reading and considering me for this spot. Hope everyone has a great rest of their day : ) Edited because for some reason when I hit shift enter it thought I hit enter and submitted it. Also wanted to add color. Happy 500 posts for me, that was an odd coincidence.
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