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  1. wooper

    Favorite Movie

    Scott pilgrim vs the world is probably still my favorite
  2. dude where did that fish even go? No way that entire fish fit into that bird. Had to have been a magic trick.
  3. Nathan's Christmas 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AQQkXoU2gY
  4. wooper


    tell us who they are, white boy
  5. wooper


  6. +rep Loft is a LONG time dedicated AWP super and admin. You have quite the experience as well and have no history of problems. I have full faith that whomever gets the operator role the server will be in good hands. Best of luck gamer : )
  7. +rep this is a very clear choice in my opinion. Very dedicated to sng as a whole and awp. Long time super who deserves his chance to shine.
  8. neutral For starters you present yourself as one of the most retarded kids who are in the community. Even with limited admin perms you somehow abused slap with awaffle on kz leading you to getting put on probation. Only really being fine when you were put on event team, which was a very short time ago. It‘s clear to me that you can perform fine and productively in any circumstance but I just personally don‘t feel like you‘d be a good fit for awp operator given everything I‘ve stated. These aren‘t things in the past really either, you‘ve kinda yet to prove yourself imo. That‘s not to
  9. Grats to the boys, they‘ve definitely earned it!
  10. Small update regarding the previous world record and timer addition: We have split world records into two categories, one category when the T activates, and one category when the T freeruns (verbal or official). you may now do /wr or /worldrecords or /records to check to see the WR times of each map per category. /viewtimes has also been updated, and you may also now use /times and /vt to check map completion times. NEW RANKING SYSTEM. There are a total of 7 ranks currently, with an extra 4 ranks given to the top players The current order is as follows: Beginner > Novice >
  11. are you banned on r/investing or r/stocks and you have to resort to posting here?
  12. neutral to be completely honest I think you'd be fine with whatever position you want to go for. You can handle whatever. I'm just super confused on why you feel the need to go for operator. I understand wanting to be more active and be a bigger part of the community, but from your forum posts, and activity in discord it just feels like you only SUPER RECENTLY became active again, while normally taking 2~ month breaks (or longer) between when you interact with the community and when you don't. I mainly worry why you feel the need to take OP before super even, since you've been casually bring
  13. home honestly traveling is overrated and I just wanna game
  14. Not sure why this wasn‘t included but he‘s already creating a plugin for DR that has a ton of promise behind it based on what was shown to diamondz and myself and has been given the go ahead for it. Very determined and excited to learn and try new ideas are great traits as well. easy +rep