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  1. wooper

    ios14 btw

    p sure last time this was a thread I had the same pictures, here are the birdies
  2. wooper


    you're telling me a banana nut in this muffin?
  3. I don't really like that twin clearly has ties to serenity and .99 still as he also only posted when they came back, especially when the entire mg group was banned because of mainly constant diamondz harassment. I just want to stay neutral but in twin's ban appeal he said he cut all ties with the toxic group that harassed diamonds but still came back the same time as serenity and .99 to post this. I don't know what community you guys left from to try to get back here but personally I don't really mind if you guys are accepted for unbans or not. Just thought I'd clarify why the MG people were banned and why I quoted twin who clearly did still have ties to the MG players who harassed diamonds being super shady imo. @ Diam0ndz @Lawl for both serenity and .99's ban appeals as it was the same MG purge group.
  4. "Must have 5 players consisting of AT LEAST 3 SNG members & 2 non-SNG members, all players must have a registered forum account & must be a member in our discord." I see the event team is scared of me
  5. odd to me that @ Diam0ndz would say no giving you admin when previously all he promoted brogan for was playtime, and that's the thing you're known for, but alrighty. Also this is the first time I've heard anything about Brodie being immature or an asshole for no reason unless he's just acting in front of admins which I doubt. I also noticed that you and @yeetusthefeetus just kinda have it out for the guy. This isn't to say that it's all incorrect, but just frankly he hasn't done any of it in front of any of the people who have +repped him Edit: edited my previous post on my new stance on brodie, but most of this still stands.
  6. +rep I understand that the server needs moderation while its population is low since the only supers are hellhound, memes and myself currently, and all 3 of us don't play when the server is only like 3-4 people. He's active during the times of low population and would be a good fit to moderate it. (also somehow got hellhound and I to join when the server had 2 people so he's doing great) gl gamer but you're probably guaranteed admin o7 Edit: My stance has slightly changed however I think he'd still be fine for admin, having beef with multiple users is a little concerning as I didn't know about that before-hand. Joking around on deathrun with meming about activating is NORMAL, however, please don't say things that could make admins look bad such as using admin powers to dish out punishment as a joke. It makes the admin team look bad and gives a bad impression to new players who may even think you are admin joking around. I do understand asking for "at what point would you dish out x punishment", but considering it's about the personal beef with these players it's a little worrisome. I do know he wants to pop DR and is getting like 5~ people on every so often which is nice, but in all honesty that alone isn't admin material. Brodie is a good person and he IS fit for admin at least on deathrun, but chill out a bit and try to squash the beef you have with people. neutral leaning towards +rep @Brodie.R. also I read further down that you want things implemented in DR to get it popping, if so PLEASE tell the future operator about the changes and even @ Diam0ndz about the changes you think can help pop DR. It's not going to pop like it used to without changes so if you have anything that can help contribute on things to add to DR in order to revive it, please give suggestions whenever you have them. IDC about diamondz not liking you or whatever but both of you want DR to be revived so please work towards that by giving ideas instead of sitting on them.
  7. neutral (for now) - I think he's a good fit but I don't think he has any ideas to help revive the server or if he does I want to see them. (I also don't know if he's actually become a more active member of the community since my ban on discord makes it hard to know, so if someone can still vouch for his activity that'd be nice, since he's had a history of leaving until OP is open and then going for it, I believe him this time but it's been two months so an update on this would be nice) I high-key agree with removing those maps. I also think that for the server to pop again we need new things game wise to keep people interested. It used to be the DR community and personalities that kept people coming back mainly and now that that aspect is no longer there DR needs more things to keep people coming back. I still think that adding a leaderboard that @ Diam0ndz was supposed to do like 1.5 years ago, making the game mode more competitive would be a good thing to add for that purpose but I want to see more ideas that you would want to add to the deathrun server in order to make it more popular and would work together with diamonds and other devs to make happen @Memes tldr; I think without new things to add to the server or the mode for our server specifically it won't pop unless the player base for it becomes interesting and fun again but it's hard to jump start that on its own, so I want to see meme's ideas on what we can potentially add to help keep interest. If we don't have actual changes nothing will happen and there won't be a point in having an operator.
  8. @Azecko and his damn black holes, every round. No one ever questions him. He even says "hey wooper catch". like 5 people die and no one suspects everything. It was actually every other round. or diamonds singing pompf pompf domino effecting getting like 10 people banned together. one or the other
  9. Been reading more and it’s helped my mental a lot. Admittedly nothing in my life has changed in like 2 years, so the future has been a pressing issue for me. I’m just glad to have my friends still.
  10. hbd wooper


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