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  1. +rep He's very chill, fun to talk to and is extremely dedicated to popping the server.
  2. you can reform, but that young lad's spoon-filled hoo-ha will never be reformed.
  3. hellhound is constantly in teamspeak, active on the discord and while he may not play the server as much as memes does I do think he is very determined to keep being a respectable member in the community and I think would be a good fit for the position. He's lowkey in it just for the position but I think for once he would actually fit the spot pretty well. GL friend.
  4. so, here's the thing right, and this has been pretty known since the last 3 times the operator spot has been open. And don't take this the wrong way because you DO hop on every so often, even more than me between those times, however you only become active both in SNG and even on the server to an extent when the operator position is open. I understand wanting the position and proving yourself during the time the position is open, but time and time again you only become semi-active when the position is open. This isn't saying that you'll become inactive if you do get operator, but it seems like you only care about the position and not the community or really server as a whole any more. I love you lots memes but you've become really distant since last year :(
  5. I don’t get it, why don’t you guys just blend your cereal? okay you guys, don't knock it til you try it https://www.aspicyperspective.com/milk-and-cereal-smoothie/
  6. all these people buying all the toilet paper, we'll see how effective that is when I have all the plungers!
  7. was explained to me, can be deleted
  8. if he did have aimlock he can't do what he did in the second clip since there's nothing to lock onto in that map. It does look like aimlock and he is right about his complaining about lag in teamspeak across every game he's been playing. +rep it looks fine and the video with forge shows it. edit: If there are other ways he was claimed to be cheating other than aimlock I'd like to see those as well since the aimlock one is pretty easily disproven here, or if there's better evidence such as doing it a whole round and killing upwards of 10 or so people while showing his overall ping. edit 2: this is silly diamondz, a 3 second clip where his lag aims at a guy and your follow up post of 3 1/2 minutes of redder missing flicks isn't enough for this ban.
  9. Applied, is it okay if I have a feminine penis though? I know you want a tyrone but I’m only a stacy
  10. wooper look at pms ;-;

  11. wooper

    New to SNG

    welcome, and enjoy your stay! If you have any questions feel free to ask and have a wonderful rest of your day : )

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