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  1. wooper

    Questions .v3?

    ‣ What's the last thing you got mad about? people are snakes ‣ What is something you have put-off doing? (procrastinated) making food and then eating food, mostly every day. Eventually I end up eating at like 11 ‣ What was your first job? - If you haven't had one, where would you apply for? my first job was at jamba juice and it was pretty dang fun except for the times it wasn't ‣ What brings the feeling of nostalgia to you? a certain chili smell reminds me a lot of when I was a kid and brings good nostalgia ‣ Is there anything you are saving up (ya monies) for? I'm horrible at saving money ‣ What do you spend too much time doing? talking ‣ Paste whatever is on your clipboard! Or what, are you a little bitch? don't think you thought this one through, since people copy the questions but this is what I had before sent to hellhound xd: video xd didn't want to take up a lot of room ‣ What's the last news article you read? I dunno, I read something about drilling wells near here and ruining the water for class a while ago, other than that I don't read any actual news.
  2. wooper

    1 year woop

    Cheers to another good year as well
  3. wooper

    [RUST] Giveaway

    I am vac banned in rust on my main that time I got vac banned in rust
  4. wooper

    sng me me

    video memes got cucked by imgur links, feelsbadman
  5. WoOpeR I 1 tO 2 MarShMEllOWs
  6. look, I'm all for supporting a game developer by buying the game, HOWEVER, if you're broke and you can spend the 60 dollars on food for a week or two, and still get the game for free, I'd take that route.
  7. you can get them both illegally like the week after they release. If you seriously consider this while broke you're a fool.
  8. couldn't think of anything so I'm having fun with my ban
  9. Player Name wooper Steam ID STEAM_0:1:215272159 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/plsnoddosihavenofamilyxd/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 21 What is your current rank? Admin Why would you be a good fit for Event Team? this application means literally nothing until I'm unbanned on discord and can gain access to the event team chat so until I'm unbanned from discord please don't accept this, but I figured I'd post this first and have it sorted another time. I want to make more events like the recent ToS event that takes little setup and little management, that way we can maybe have weekly consistent events and also have big events planned out with the whole team. Since deathrun was removed as a server I haven't really found anything that clicks with me and the event team is full of people I talk to so it just seems fitting at that point, that and I do just genuinely want more fun events and hosting them sounds fun as well. Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes Are you active on Forums, Teamspeak & Discord? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
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