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  1. I’m in a relationship where she won’t let me watch la la land and it’s tormenting me. Just let a guy watch la la land.

    1. Diam0ndz


      didnt u say a couple weeks ago that u are done with relationships or something?

      wat happen to that

    2. wooper


      Just a friend. Who I watch movies with, talk with, get intimate with. You know, friend stuff.

    3. wooper


      More importantly I just want to watch la la land, like, what’s up with that?

  2. tf u think you're going to do with my money
  3. +rep he's pretty chill and doesn't mind a little bit of banter. Gl bud
  4. Hope everyone had a great day and if not there’s always tomorrow : )

  5. my ex was probably the love of my life, and we split ways about 3 years ago. Every time I still think about her I get incredibly lonely and miss her dearly. I've tried having more relationships and I've gone on dates since then but I've never truly been at ease with that so over time I've become asexual not wanting any deeper relationships. Since I lost her and when I think about her it's a really good motivator to just enjoy the relationships I can keep and work harder to keep my friends and have fun with everyone that I care about, as well as try to have a good day each and every day because you never know when the worst might happen. Have a great day to whoever reads this.
  6. from 2019 only hmmm.. I've never had a movie make me uncomfortable for 90% of the run time so I'll give it to Joker because I'm impressed a movie could do that and still make me want to keep watching. Still not sure if I liked it but it was certainly a movie that I watched yes.
  7. wooper

    naK is back pt. 62

    ayyyy is that my boy 191188
  8. idk man I think we need better first reaction last reaction rules, that shit makes my brain hurt
  9. Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a lovely day and it's nice to see all the people who got promoted recently : )
  10. why do I get called out like this. Tragic. grats bud as a long time friend and fellow deathrun enthusiast I'm glad to see you rise through ranks so fast. Keep it up bud o7
  11. Dang, not the best Christmas present admittedly. Redder you're pretty chill and I just hope you hang out on teamspeak as often as you currently do, hope to duggie on you with teemo in more custom games. Whether this was the right decision is up to you but hey man if you think this is for the best of what you want to do then go for it and have a great day. Hope to see you on ts tho edit: wait this happened sunday? What the heck, how much do I miss not being on discord? Regardless I read it on christmas eve so in my eyes it's a christmas post and no one can tell me otherwise.
  12. You don't see how happy this update makes me, have fun with the new role my friend
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