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  1. As the title states, I am resigning from my position of Deathrun operator. Over my time as operator, I believe I've done my best to get the plugins operating that I wanted to see in Deathrun to make it a fun atmosphere for both the runners and the for the death and I can see that with a populated server this was a much needed shakeup to the same old system. However, As I've done everything I've wanted to, and added every idea to the server that I have wanted to include, I see no reason to continue as Operator. I've held the title for many months extra due to both the communities lack of moti
  3. wooper

    Sometimes I...

    wish i was a bag floating through the wind trying to start again
  4. @wooper | STEAM_0:0:85633168 | diamond 1 | YES
  5. move into a small apartment or small townhouse. Try to keep the spending of my money to a minimum, splurge a bit at first because the things I would buy are cheap mainly being games and food. Look into starting a retirement plan for later in life and keep a steady flow of income with the main lotto winnings being towards paying only bills and spending very little. I'd rather be set up for multiple years than buy cars or expensive clothing. Also stay away from my family as best as possible, they'd be greedy rats and treat me like a pile of money than a person knowing them.
  6. you're not supposed to be able to gain points if you're the only CT on in the first place I'm pretty sure. As shown in the video if that's the case that's the reason. @Chase88 @ Diam0ndz to double check that.
  7. they haven't been reset to our knowledge and after diamondz' looked into it he couldn't find anyone except you and he didn't check to see how many you have / had. This is a weird bug that we can't really replicate since on paper the plugin is fine and works. We're unsure where to go with this issue. We'll get your points back when available tho
  8. I cAn ONlY hELp rEvIvE Jb iF I hAvE aDmIn This app is awful
  9. @ Diam0ndz @Chase88 another bug it looks like. bug reports have their own section of the forum @Freezy for future reference. Also these issues with all plugins tend to happen whenever csgo updates
  10. wooper


    @ Diam0ndz@Chase88 this is a bug ig
  11. it's legit the exact same as last time just with new people saying "yeah do it!" We brought course back because 30~ people wanted course back, it died after a week. We brought SK back for a small time for the same reason and it died after 2 days. In fairness everyone would be right in saying there's no harm in bringing in an SK server again, just that we'd be wasting our dev's time fixing SK bugs rather than our other servers that we're trying to get pop back on to focus them. Do understand from our perspective we're just seeing the exact same thing over and over again and we just don'
  12. I forgive you. accepted welcome back
  13. wooper

    Favorite Movie

    Scott pilgrim vs the world is probably still my favorite
  14. dude where did that fish even go? No way that entire fish fit into that bird. Had to have been a magic trick.
  15. Nathan's Christmas 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AQQkXoU2gY