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  1. +rep Knows the rules and enforces them, he helps around the server as well.
    1. B0xerZ


      oh my

    2. wooper


      oh my

    3. Dur


      i aint yo daddy nigga

      turn down your speaker bruh

      pussy ass nigga

  2. Not sure who you are but also harassing Lexa isn't cool and its something that gets very old.. "nine inches deep in LEXA" Smooth. Stay banned
  3. I said I dont care what you guys do as long as no one complains about it. People were complaining about you guys ghosting. Blake was not banned because I didnt notice him ghosting. Or have evidence of him doing so.
  4. I had been getting complaints from many people over 3 - 4 maps so I went to take a look finally. So to me, it did look like ghosting. Could I have been wrong. Because I was like if people are still complaining about it then I guess its still happening. So when I saw that after people mentioning things over and over again I wanted to give something pretty lenient considering that it looked like it was just between you guys but I cant really just let that happen. I personally didn't mind but it was bothering other people in the server as well. When I'm on a server I'm admin on I am there to basically white knight them. Someone complains, I do something about it. TL:DR I was doing what I felt was right at the time. I banned 2 people for ghosting for an hour each. Nickypoo and Blur
  5. If a hand wore a hoodie would it look like this Or like this
  6. Super beneficial, especially as of recently. There has been a super bad case of people just letting the time run out.
  7. Congrats!! Its gamer time
  8. +1 One of the best TTT players, known him for a couple of years and can safely say it will be in the best of hands. Good friend and good admin. gl homeslice
  9. Make him appeal himself goober
  10. +rep Was always on before it went down knows that rules and what not, I think hes been on that grind for TTT op for a while now. But like other people have said he can be a bit "hasty". But I feel he would do great as OP considering the amount of time and how much he cares for it.
  11. "don't be a pussy, pussy"
  12. Comf

    Gifts for ur mum

    I got my momma some nice razer speakers for her computer for her to nerd out on <3
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