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  1. Comf


    It is almost like if you threaten to release someones private personal information (in this case a CHILD'S information) on the internet people would get upset. I would think that is a general rule for platforms to not release such info. Its common sense. There is a fairly simple concept that most people follow, don't do things to people that you don't want done to you You knew what you were doing
  2. music make you lose control music make you lose control music make you lose control music make you lose control music make you lose control oFH8lZRiGkIA6hlG.mp4
  3. Comf

    Ya wa wahoo ya wa whaoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo ya wa wahoo


    1. hergs



  4. +rep for unban because I'm dumb and I lost the video of him actually hacking.
  5. 1. Right click CSGO in your Steam library 2. Go to the third tab that says "Local files" and click "Browse local files" 3. Click on the "csgo" file 4. There will be a "maps" folder, click it 4. Clicking on that will bring up to all the maps you have.. If you get the error on EVERY map then you will need to highlight all of the maps and delete them 5. Connect to the server again and it will redownload the map for you
  6. Ronde, ronde, ronde, roe
  7. +rep for unban I can definitely see how that would look like aimlock but with redder's video I can see how it can be a very bad coincidence. I would give him the benefit of the doubt. But with JUST previously hacking on the Minecraft server its probably going to make people more suspicious and look for reasons to ban! Oopsie doopsie!
  8. Comf


    Could you be more specific about this? Are you talking about admin ranks or member ranks? Sounds like it could be confusing for people to have a sudden switch of titles.
  9. Comf


    Yes FBI, this post here.
  10. Not bad art but the logo doesn’t match anything you have done before, I can see your art is heavily reliant on others art. The SNG logo is low resolution and kind of obviously made with something else in mind, perhaps just changed the letters. I would say even some of it is traced Not bad, but definitely needs new work ethic Not trying to be a dick, just saying it how I see it.
  11. Comf

    best albums 2019

    I dont have full albums.. but I have a few choice songs that i listened too alot this year. (shamelessly stolen format) in no particular order. EnKi - Ai ni iko Night Tempo x Tomggg - 好き? Suki! Cuco - Lover is a day Mr. Hong ft.Dvdkm - Home Eery - Her
  12. I've been drawing this for a bit but it is not finished but I am happy with it so far

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