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  1. Love you Warden. Hope you have a fantastic holiday season, and I can’t wait to see everything you’ll accomplish in the future
  2. purple is nice. also dark blue
  3. noob sauce


    Congratulations man!
  4. Hope all is going well man.

    Happy birthday

  5. Happy birthday

  6. Male seahorses are the ones that give birth
  7. +rep was a good admin in the past for mg
  8. noob sauce

    Ban Appeal: twin

    From my experience with twin, he was quite fun to be on the servers with. While what he said seemed kinda sketchy, if he’s being honest when he says it was a joke, I think he might deserve a second chance.
  9. glad i met you honestly, and you still haven’t taught me how to play hearthstone
  10. I agree, but we would have to maintain a steady population so it doesn’t get taken off indefinitely
  11. how did that even happen
  12. noob sauce


    Welcome to the forums good sir
  13. I like the list, lots of good shows


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