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  1. I eat a bowl of double scoop raisin bran every morning with a cup of coffee, then green tea and some random meat (usually white) and rice/noodles for lunch, then a big amount of vegetables and grain with a little bit of red meat with a very sugary dessert. My diet is very limited to rice, noodles, chicken, sausages, and steaks, then my brother and I bake some random dessert every week. Dont care about calories, just try not to overflow my diet with too much of one thing despite not eating much in the first place lol
  2. Really happy to see a point system finally added. Great work to all those involved with the implementation!
  3. +rep Works very hard on all his designs, and does not waste time getting to work on new projects, while still making them beautiful. Good luck!
  4. +rep Constantly active and looking for ways to improve deathrun. Good luck man!
  5. Congrats tie! Glad to see you go green
  6. noob sauce

    Later yall

    Later memes, gonna miss the times we had on dr : D Wish you the best!
  7. Day 1: 1) waffles baby 2) none because im not a baby 3) very very organized Day 2: 1) no one has ever complained, so i assume no 2) bbq sauce or chicken or both 3) people not caring as much as i care
  8. Congrats man, well deserved and I know youll do great things for dr!
  9. Recently changed mine to this, can see her peeking through my door when walking by my room
  10. noob sauce


    Good luck with your studies man, hope to see you around!
  11. noob sauce

    fuck COVID

    Hope you do well over the two weeks, and you stay safe as well. If you need some sad anime to watch just dm
  12. +rep I believe two years is plenty of time to reform
  13. #1 has to be Stonjouner, don't know why, but he just speaks to me #2 is Smeargle, just a nice fun guy