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  1. Hope all goes well for you. Take your time, but I will miss you on TTT. So many delayers now.
  2. Zuric

    [TTT] BlackHole

    Do blackholes even do anything? I thought it was just a weak T item that no one uses anymore after the servers got back up.
  3. I believe he is talking about rename days. This shouldn't be an issue of the rename thing isn't overly complicated. I think @Warden Flamewaterwas limiting the rename days anyways before the server went down. It was like 2 times per map. It doesn't cause any harm. If anything, we can get an official rule on limiting it if the current operator wants. Really depends. Currently, I don't see an issue as long as it's not excessive.
  4. +rep He's really active, his knowledge on the game, and his passion to help out the server is quite insane if you ask me (not implying that the other applicants aren't). I just believe that, if anyone, he could be a great candidate for the role of TTT operator. I sincerely believe that his passion and willingness to help the server as well as the community to prosper and grow.
  5. I kinda forgot about this with the servers being down so long. keep the rec + Rep He knows his shit
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=347030495&token=gsAizZv6 Yes Please
  7. So, to begin. I started off searching up TTT and seeing this pop up. I played a few times and it just got more and more. Eventually I applied for admin and got accepted. Now the servers are gone.
  8. Hey, my name is broke child. I would appreciate if you rigged it for me. (Just kidding) Regardless, good luck to everyone.
  9. School I play league with my friends Uncle said if get straight A's I get a pc Went to Universal during Spring break with family and cousins.
  10. Dang, you still going on and on lol. At least you are doing something with your time.
  11. Zuric


    Hey, can I have both the cat and coca cola to go. The cat as a pet but the coca cola as a drink?
  12. Zuric


    Hey guys, I know that I have made a lot of mistakes maybe like muting,slaying, gagging ect. I am sorry for all that may have been false. I hope you guys can give me feedback on what I should improve on or maybe how I act or stuff. Basically information that can help me become a better admin Thanks , Zuric
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