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  1. +rep always see him on awp and friendly towards everyone
  2. For Christmas I want to get some computer parts to better my PC A skin that I want is probably a knife skin. It is most likely Bayonet Marble Fade. I personally really like the skin My favorite SNG server is probably AWP or KZ. I personally enjoy AWP, but KZ has recently been more enjoyable to practice my movement
  3. +rep Very active and knows what hes doing
  4. good shit my guy
  5. +rep from reading other people's reply on this thread, I assume that you are making a better name for yourself within the SNG community. I would also like to say that you should make sure that you know your boundaries as that will help you stay out of trouble. good luck my guy
  6. +rep He is an active player on SNG and has been in the community for a long time. I'm surprised it took him this long to apply. He also knows the rules Good luck my guy
  7. Proper SteamID: STEAM_0:0:499978013 I was going by Hand Sanitizer until a little while ago. I don't remember this. I changed my name to this a while back. However, I do know that if it was "for fun" that it was stupid. Because I know that most mfks aren't really appreciated by the players as it just ruins the round. You don't mfk and ruin the round just to make the game/round more "fun" or "entertaining". You clearly knew the consequences and still did it anyway. I would say -rep However, good luck with your appeal.
  8. waiting for that awp event! gs man
  9. +rep I've known him for quite a while and he plays quite a bit. He also knows the rules and overall is a great guy. I know that if we gave him a chance he would do his best to improve the server. Goodluck!
  10. I almost completely chopped off one of my fingers trying to cut fruit when I was like 6... I don't remember how I got the knife though nor do I remember why I tried to cut it by myself.
  11. Happy Birth day G!


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