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  1. Happy Birth day G!


  2. happ bday omg


  4. HBD d a w g 

    u legit blow at TTT :haHAA:

  5. Happy bday zuric have a good one bud :FeelsBirthdayMan: :pepecowboy:

  6. Happy Bday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. i was just saying, when you come back in the future, that i hope you are better. just clearing it up
  9. sad to see you go. i hope you come back better than before wish you the best
  10. Zuric


    hard flex or what anyways, welcome.
  11. I want to become a hardware engineer or if that doesn't work out, try to become a software engineer. I'm really interested in technology so that's probably why. I can achieve this just by doing well in school.
  12. Zuric

    [TTT] BlackHole

    Do blackholes even do anything? I thought it was just a weak T item that no one uses anymore after the servers got back up.
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